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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Paul's Surprise 40th!

These mini red velvet cupcakes are topped with home made cream cheese frosting, colored sugar crystals and edible papers featuring the celebrant's age--40!
Paul's wife, Colleen, ordered these minis for his surprise party and it's the perfect little pop in your mouth treat!
I hope the guests love em and that Paul is totally surprised!!

Race's Competition Cupcakes!

My friend Eliana, is a phenomenal Mom. She sent me an image (so I do not know who to credit for the design) and ordered vanilla and chocolate cupcakes for a competition her son, Race, is involved in with his school. Regardless if they placed in the competition or not, this proud Mom is treating the competitors like the winners they are! I am not really sure what Lego Robotics is all about but I'm sure Race and his friends worked hard. Love you Eliana!!!
Go Garden School Slaughter Bots!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's a Cupcake World!

My Mom is my greatest support. Not only now with Babycakes, she's always been there rooting for me, giving me what I've needed, even when I didn't think I needed it.
I did not need this beautiful, charming, adorable cupcake stand but My Mom thought differently.
Gracias Mommy!

Finding Peace

My hometown parish, St. Elizabeth, hosts a bereavement group once a month. My parents attend this group to help themselves and others through the grieving process after losing loved ones over the past few years. They go when they are hurting, naturally. They also attend when they are feeling uplifted and happy. Someone else attending will find that very appealing and keep coming back. My Mom always bakes something or even cooks up a quiche to bring to the group but she asked me to bake instead and I felt honored. I know how much this group has helped them both. I am always grateful for those who are good to my parents and there for them.

Angry Bird makes Lucas Happy..Happy Birthday!

It's Lucas' TENTH birthday and he wanted Angry Birds but then he realized having the variety of birds may cause conflict for selection in his classroom, he requested just one Angry Bird...his favorite, the Boomerang Toucan Angry Bird. These vanilla fellas are green and mean and ready to party!
It was a such a fun order for me because I actually got to work at Stacey & Danny's (Lucas' Mom & Dad) house. It just worked out better with our schedules so it was great for Lucas and his brother Ryan see it all come together. It was the first time any customer got a lot more than a sneak peek before delivery!
Both Lucas and Ryan are family to me. Making Lucas' cupcakes for his class celebration is always MY treat!
This post is a bit overdue because I neglected to get photos of the finished cupcakes but I think they were so worth the wait! Ryan added the extra touch of the wristband--genius prop work!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

To the Birthday Boys!

My friend, Mary contacted me and asked me to make hockey themed cupcakes for her son Matthew's THIRD birthday and Elmo themed cupcakes for her nephew, Brendan's FIRST birthday. It was fun to personalize the hockey batch with the actual team players' names and numbers, loving that little Matthew's number is actually 3! The guests get to feel just as special as the celebrant when they get to eat a cupcake made just for them.
For the Elmo batch, I had some trouble. I am confessing here on my blog that I have never been able to achieve a true "red" fondant or frosting. My black and red fondants are store bought and and this was the first time I'd have to figure out getting the true red into my frosting.. After two days of trying, all I got was hot pink. That wouldn't do for Elmo. I researched the internet for solutions and they all seemed time consuming, and time was not on my side so I called in the pros. Really, I did! I called the best bakery here in Levittown and was helped out eagerly by two bakers who invited me in with my batch of virgin white frosting and they actually taught me which food coloring and how much of it would do the trick. I was amazed and how they did not even charge me for their time and for the pearls of wisdom I gained in less than 10 minutes. Bakeries are my biggest competition, all I got on them is the delivery and promise of to make every single batch as personal as I can. They have the skills, the multiple ovens and staff yet I was humbled by how generous they were! Order cupcakes from me but if you absolutely MUST go to a bakery for anything else like cookies, pastries or pies, run to Dortoni in Levittown, NY. I was warned though that the red frosting did alter taste and darkens with time and the food coloring is so concentrated, that your teeth, tongue and lips get to stay pink/red for a while too!
Anyway, Elmo looked pretty darn cute! I hope that Matthew and Brendan's dual birthday celebration was a hit. Thank you Mary for having so much faith in me!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Princess Delaney turns Four!

It's a princess themed party for Delaney! Every princess needs a castle & magic wands but some of them get there by kissing a frog prince or losing a slipper! These vanilla Babycakes were requested by Nancy, Delaney's Mom, who is a repeat customer and makes her children's celebrations special every time! I hope that Delaney and her guests all enjoy the royal treatment at her fourth birthday party!