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Friday, August 26, 2011

A thirty-one Event !

I am attending my very first thirty-one event tonight. A friend, Kristen Giglia is hosting and also asked me to bake vanilla and chocolate cupcakes for the shopping party. After viewing the invite and the catalog, I decided to make flat little pansy type flowers that kept popping up on the pages. Finally a party that I get to stay at upon delivery!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Taste the Rainbow!

Ciara is TEN!!! I can't believe she is already ten! Ciara wanted "tye dye" cupcakes and this presented a challenge for me since that was a first time request and I wanted to make sure she'd love em. After some brainstorming we decided on rainbow cupcakes and look, they are soooo brilliant on the inside!! I had a little trouble keeping the consistency in filling the liners since I had to stray from my usual method so the sizes of the cupcakes were varied but thankfully, I had some extra to show off the inside and select the nicest ones for Ciara's batch! So you see....Outside, inside, very pretty - just like Ciara!

Happy Birthday Colin!

I did my first batch of Mario Bros. cupcakes back in June and this is the third request for em! My friend Jackie has 4 beautiful growing kids and she decided to do a combo party for her oldest, Ciara and one of her sons, Colin. Colin decided on Mario Bros. cupcakes and it was so cool to see the celebrant's reaction when we met for delivery! Happy Birthday Colin!!!! I decided not to combo the orders on the blog...stay tuned!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

John & Ava's Summer Birthday Celebration!

How cute are these cupcakes? John & Ava are having a joint celebration for their bithdays....Beach theme (bathing suits, flip flops, and beach balls) and flowers (sweet little gerber daisies) and simple chocolate with sprinkles. John's Mom, Erin, thinks of everything and ordered mini cupcakes for the parents who accompany their kids to the party...always such a big hit!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Step by Step Cake for her Dad!

My neice, Madisen asked to sleep over so we can work on a fondant cake (I usually just do cupcakes) for her Dad's birthday. As you can guess Billy (her Dad) loves to play golf. I helped roll out the fondant to cover the vanilla chocolate chip cake we baked earlier in the day. It was so much fun and I am very impressed by Madisen's ambitious skill. She learned to use my fondant tools and even added her own finishing touches! It was special because we did it together and I know that her Dad will taste the love and thought in every bite!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Block Party Babycakes

My neighbor Mary is headed to a block party with her family , her sausage and peppers and Babycakes! It's a beautiful sunny day, surely the block party will be a hit. Hoping Mary will get lots of praise for the eats she's bringing!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Thank you Murray Hill Pet Hospital !

My best friend, Danny, excuse me....Dr. Dan, is my dog Bailey's veterinarian. He has a practice in NYC...Murray Hill Pet Hospital. He's always so good to all the pets he treats but it's funny to me that Bailey is the first dog I have ever had that actually LIKES going to his vet visits! I know this has everything to do with how wonderful Danny is with him.
Dr. Dan is like a brother to me. We met in our late teens and he is married to my best friend. We are so proud of how much he has accomplished in his practice. His staff is always friendly on the phone, attentive when you arrive and work hard to keep things going smoothly for the patients and their human counterparts. It felt good to finally be able to bake something with Murray Hill Pet Hospital in mind.

Happy Birthday Gabriella!

These chocolate and vanilla cupcakes are for Gabriella who is celebrating her 11th birthday! I have never met Gabriella but my friend, Eliana told me that Gabriella is involved with watersports hence the surf boards, sailboats and kayaks. She's also starting to dabble in self expression with her appearance, such as very light makeup. She's growing up but will always be Daddy's little princess. are now 6 !

Jayday is the youngest of the Callahan cousins and it's been so great spending more time with her lately. She loves Justin Beiber and wanted purple cupcakes for her theme. At her party,she was so adorable prancing around with a shirt that read "j.b loves me." She also went and collected all the banners after her guests were done eating their cupcakes! HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY Jaydah!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

How do ya like them apples?

When my friend Anne contacted me about cupcakes for a baby shower , I instantly thought of the typical bibs, bottles and pastel colored themes often served up at baby showers. While we were still tossing around ideas, expectant parents, Sara & Gabe welcomed their baby daughter, Eve, into the world a little sooner than the planned baby shower. Anne's girlfriend, Jaimie thought up the idea of apples as the design for the cupcakes and I loved it immediately! How whimsical and clever too!
God Bless baby Eve! I hope that the guests enjoy the "forbidden fruit."

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Simple pink on pink is all my friend, Jamie requested for her daughter Mya's 5th birthday. Jamie is alot younger than me but trumps me in experiencing some of life's biggest lessons. She has dealt with many hardships but has managed to be one of the most determined and kindest people I know. She sets a high bar for herself and is one of the best Moms around. Mya is celebrating her birthday pretty much all week long and Jamie has made sure there were special treats at every phase of celebrating! It is my pleasure to be part of the festivities.
Love you Jamie and can't wait to bounce it out this weekend with the kiddies! Happy 5th Birthday Mya Rose!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Matt & Kristin's Engagement!

In less than a year, the wedding bells will be ringing for Matt & Kristin! Matt's Mom, Michele, is one of my best friends. Family means everything to her and when she shared the news about Matt & Kristin's engagement, her excitement could not be contained. Matt & Kristin's engagement party was a huge hit! They were surrounded by famiy and friends who were eager to celebrate and toast to their happiness together!
Michele ordered aqua and hot pink rosettes with clear sugar crystals, both in vanilla and chocolate. It gives me great pleasure to know that I can bake cupcakes for just about every Greco family event. CONGRATULATIONS MATT & KRISTIN!!