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Friday, February 24, 2012

Thomas & Friends!

It's Dante's THIRD Birthday and his favorite show is Thomas the Train. His Mom and Dad ordered cupcakes with not just Thomas but his friends as well for Dante's school celebration. So here you see Thomas, Percy, Mavis and Emily. I am pleased with the outcome but had trouble with their facial expressions. It appears like they have mustaches instead of the cheeky faces I was going for.
I hope Dante and his classmates will love eating these yummy chocolate and vanilla Thomas cupcakes. Happy Birthday Dante! XO Hugs and Kisses from the Licatesi Family!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Super Hero Toppers

Today I will be delivering these Toppers (total of 36) to James' Birthday party taking place at the Firefighter's Museum in Uniondale, NY. James, like many kids, has specific food allergies. His Mom, Elle, is preparing the cupcakes made with alternative ingredients and I prepared the super hero toppers, Spiderman is his favorite! They were all prepared freehand, only cutters were used for the round circle bases. Elle had faith in me and I hope she's satisfied with the outcome, I am!
I am so excited about this new alternative that I had not thought up on my own. Elle was the one who thought of ordering just my homemade toppers which are nut and gluten free!
I am not a skilled baker, all self taught, but I do enjoy what I can do and that is creative beautiful cupcakes for all occasions. I have yet to experiment baking with alternative ingredients to make my cupcakes gluten free. Toppers are a safe bet for those of you who would love to indulge but allergy conscious.

Friday, February 17, 2012

These sure are Tweet!

Last month, I made Angry Bird cupcakes but only the favorite, Boomerang Bird, was requested. I was very excited to get an order requesting only a few extra of the red ones (sorry, I do not know their names) but a wide variety of the Angry Birds. Repeat customer, Karen, ordered these for her nephew Jake's 5th Birthday. I know, what a wonderful Aunt!
It was a lot of fun making these little guys and hope that these Angry Birds make Jake and his family very happy! Happy Birthday Jake!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Class Valentines!

These "sweet" Valentine's Day cupcakes were made for Lucas' classmates. The class Mom who heard all about the Angry Bird cupcakes from last month wanted to treat the class to something for Valentine's Day but did not want fondant. I thought it would be great to have simple little banners that wouldn't make these ten year olds blush.
I hope they taste the love I put into each one!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thank you DJ Nancy Nance!

It felt so good to see all the Brennans this morning. Thanks so much for making Lindsey her very own "mix!" I know her and her classmates will enjoy it all week and it will be in the car for our cupcakes runs and road tripping. Great tunes and all the more special because it was made by you -- "DJ Nancy Nance!!"

Nicholas is TWO!!

Nicholas is already TWO!! Although I only saw him briefly today when I delivered his party favors, I couldn't believe how big he's gotten and how chatty this two year old is.
Jamie, his Mom, ordered favors for his birthday guests....personalized hockey themed favors for the boys and personalized princess crowns for the girls. I took extra pictures for this post since it's hard to get a picture when they are all tied up in ribbon and ready to go. I'm sure the kiddies all had fun at the party and a bit more fun at home with their edible party favor made especially for them!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Antonio's 9th Birthday!

When Kathya requested "Perry the Platypus" cupcakes for her son, Antonio's 9th birthday, I was stumped. We were on the phone so I could not quickly google Perry's image. I had no idea who he is! After getting home & getting in front of my laptop, I saw his face & knew I could create a cupcake that Antonio & his guests would love to eat up!
I found a design online and I copy cat'd it. Full credit goes to Designs and Desserts. Hope Antonio has fun at his Monster Golf party!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fr. Rafael's Send Off

Father Rafael is currently a priest at my hometown parish, St. Elizabeth Church in Ozone Park, NY. Today the parishioners will bid him farewell as the time for him to move on to another parish nears.
My parents are active, devoted members of the parish and requested cupcakes to wish Fr. Rafael good luck. I thought of many symbols of good luck, a rabbit's foot (not very appealing on cupcakes), a rainbow, a 3 leaf clover, etc...I thought how nice it would be to send many positive messages in the form of fortune cookies. I love the idea and happy with the outcome.

Friday, February 3, 2012

He's my little Rock n Roll !

Ryan is "Star of the Week" at his school and treating his classmates to cupcakes prepared with his personality all over it. These were custom made with all HIS input. He asked for specific colors of the electric guitars, the captions and the flavors too. I love what a cool cat Ryan is & I hope his classmates have all gotten to know that about him too!
He told his Mommy this week how lucky he feels to have me as his Aunt and honestly, that was all I thought of while I made these....little does he know, I am the lucky one!