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Saturday, May 26, 2012

To a Beautiful Couple!

I have a cousin who's 10 years older than me but he's never treated me like a kid. In fact, even when I was very young and 10 years seems to be a wide wide span of time, he would welcome my big hugs and introduce me to his friends and when he became a family man, he asked ME to be God mother to his first born child. He's done everything to make me feel special, never making me doubt if I matter to him. Over the years, I have seen him at some high points of his life, career and then there have been times of hardship and sorrow. Through it all, we remain close and supportive. My cousin, Rolf, has a heart of gold and he met his match not long ago. Her name is Donna. Donna is also a person who has had her share of triumphs and struggles and I couldn't be happier that their paths crossed. Rolf and Donna got married and today our family shared in the celebration of their union! We welcome Donna into our family with open arms. It was so wonderful to be able to sit back and watch them beaming with joy. Congratulations to you both and wishing you many years of love together!

Lovely Monica!

May is pretty full of birthdays among cousins, we are scattered all over the northern and southern east coast. It's a rare day when our family is all together and one of the May celebrants got to share her birthday with us! Happy Birthday Monica! Today was a great family day and I asked Monica how she was feeling after the festivities and she said "Lovely." Lovely she is!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Mary Kay Minis!

Erin is a Mary Kay consultant and hosting her first party! I was happy to make these chocolate chip minis for her premiere party. The toppers are completely edible, the Mary Kay logos look so cute!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Olivia & Jake!

These cupcakes were made for a set of twins that I have been so lucky to bake for since they were four! As I made the turn down their street, I was greeted with applause, jumping and the widest smiles ever! They were bursting with excitement and it made me feel great that they loved their cupcakes! I owe the Beiber design to Lynlee's Petite Cakes. She is so whimsical and I love to copycat her work that I see online. Jake wanted soccer and it had been his Mom, Cyndi, liked what I had done with a soccer theme before. They both opted for chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. I love baking for repeat customers, I get to see these kids as they turn another year older & feel lucky to be their cupcake lady. Thanks to Cyndi, who always trusts my creativity! Happy 6th Birthday Olivia and Jake! XOXO

Monday, May 21, 2012

A friend of Bill W.'s

Any "friend of Bill W.'s" is a friend of mine. These cupcakes will be served at an anniversary meeting and no doubt the message here is nothing short of inspirational. Recovery IS possible and those that are working hard everyday, a day at a time, to stay sober are sure to enjoy this rewarding treat! Happy Anniversary!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

God Bless Antonio

Antonella is a brand new customer. She found me the way many of my new customers do, by being a guest at a party where Babycakes are served. She contacted me far in advance requesting cupcake favors for her son's communion. It is so flattering when a complete stranger trusts me with such a special occasion! Antonella requested all chocolate cupcakes and wanted her design to be unique. She chose a chalice on a round white base that she said reminded her of the Holy Host. I agree! I needed blue sprinkles (aka jimmies)but by the time the design was officially decided, I could only find blue dots. I love the way they look!! Turns out Antonella is a local neighbor, such a small world, so I hope I hear from her again. God Bless You Antonio!

Liam's First Communion!

My friend, Laurie, contacted me about making cupcakes for her friend's son, Liam. I am always happy to hear from Laurie. She is a repeat customer who orders cupcakes for the children in her life. Laurie ordered fondant cross cupcakes in the brown and blue color theme and requested blue icing. All variety of flavors too, chocolate, vanilla and chocolate chip. I know that these cupcakes will make Liam's day even more special. God Bless You Liam!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Treats for the Moms!

My friend, Kristine, is hosting a party at her home today to honor her daughter's Communion and to celebrate Mother's Day. She asked me to make a Cupcake Cross (not pictured (yet!)) and also cupcake favors for all the Moms that will be present. I loved the idea! All the Moms will leave with a special and yummy parting gift! Lauren helped me puzzle the cross together and Kristine will be emailing me a picture soon so I can post it here. They were two dozen standard sized cupcakes with minis and the ends of the cross and bright yellow gerber daisies adorning some of the cupcakes. Lauren looked just as darling in her pjs as she did in her Communion dress and I can tell she is pretty excited about the party. Kristine is a beautiful hard working Mom of two and deserves all the happiness coming her way! I hope she and her family and friends will have a beautiful day together and know the day is theirs. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Sweetest Gesture!

Babycakes has been my passion for over two years now, almost three. When I leave my home and run a delivery, I am excited, sometimes nervous if the delivery is far and drive in sub zero temperatures to get those cupcakes there in cool condition and always grateful that I completed another job for someone's special day. I sometimes get hugs, tips, a soft spoken "Thank you" from a shy child (those are the best!) and at times even asked to stay at the party but today something new happened and I have to say I am still smiling from ear to ear. No one has EVER done this before!!! I delivered cupcake favors to a restaurant for a Communion. The order had been initiated on the computer and then we spoke on the phone. When discussing flavors, I explained that I stick to the basics...chocolate, vanilla, chocolate chips, etc....I casually mentioned the big names like Crumbs, Sprinkles and Magnolia Bakery. They offer a long list of flavor variety while I do not. I joked that I had never tried anything but Crumbs. I arrived before the party started, before the guests and was greeted by the customer's sister. She "delivered" a message from her sister who was on her way and handed me a bag...the cute paper ones with handles. To my delight and surprise, Christine (the customer) had purchased cupcakes for ME from the big name places located in NYC. I still cannot believe the gesture, so thoughtful and SWEET SWEET SWEET! I couldn't wait to thank her and give her a hug! It was the best part of my day for sure! I had to control my urge to even open the boxes up,they were sealed down by adorable stickers. The one from Sprinkles, even had a THANK YOU cupcake sticker on it. I love the packaging! I came home to photograph them for your viewing pleasure and then shared them with my family. They were very delicious and I felt so rewarded! My little home based business and my cupcakes felt the love big time! THANK YOU so much Christine and Shawn, you truly made my day!

God Bless Abigail!

I was contacted by Shawn and Christine when they were planning their daughter Abigail's First Communion. They requested four dozen cupcake favors, two designs and three flavors. It is always flattering when I get an order from someone who's never even tasted my cupcakes but love my designs. I can't tell you how special it makes me feel when there are bakeries everywhere! Abigail's party was at a restaurant, Barosa, in Rego Park, NY. I went to high school with Shawn and sat in front of him for fours years in homeroom, he kids around that he drove me crazy but it was in a big brother kind of way. He is still a sweet guy and has a beautiful family so this order was very special to me. It is a beautiful sunny warm day and seeing Shawn again and as the family man was great. Abigail looked so picture perfect with her dress and hair all done. She was a darling thanking me for the cupcakes. I hope they all enjoy this blessed day and their yummy cupcakes!

God Bless Olivia !

Laura and I have known each other since freshman year of college. She was one of my first customers when I first began Babycakes and reserved me to bake for such a special event, Olivia's Fist Holy Communion. Olivia was totally involved with the details of the designs, the colors and even what kind of swirl she wanted on the cupcake tops. It was refreshing to try out new designs! I think I love the dove best! God Bless Olivia and the whole Tucillo family!

Tristen's First Holy Communion!

Priscilla contacted me to have cupcake favors for Tristen's Communion party at their home. I was happy to bake and decorate them for his special day! God Bless the Kennedy family!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Peep and the Big Wide World!I

It's Danny's Birthday! This is the third year that I am baking for this adorable little boy and every year his Mom, Dina, request his favorite PBS animated show. This year, "Peep & the Big Wide World" was the lucky winner. The names of the characters are so cute too...There's Chirp, Newton, Quack and of course, Peep! The show is narrated by Joan Cusack and it's a great show that teaches science and the common principles about friendship. I hope these chocolate cupcakes help make Danny's birthday celebration with his classmates even more special. I also made Dina her very own cupcake because it kills me when a repeat customer such as herself will admit they never even get to eat a cupcake for themselves. I was able to squeeze an extra one out of the batch for her! Dina is a hardworking single Mom who's always thinking of ways to show her little boy her love and attention to detail to his birthday and everyday of the year!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tara's Baby Shower!

These cupcake favors were all boxed and ready to go to Tara's Baby Shower. The one with the bib that reads "It's a Boy!" is red velvet cupcake topped with cream cheese frosting. The cute teddy bear is chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting tinted baby blue and the baby carriage is vanilla chocolate chip cupcake with chocolate frosting. The customer, Barbara, ordered the cutest labels for the boxes!! I was excited when I saw them thinking how lucky my boxes are! I baked two dozen of each flavor and worked on the designs all week long keeping with the brown and blue color theme. It was great to have a baby shower order in the midst of so many communion orders this time of year. Baby Vincent is already being showered with so much love....hope Tara and her family enjoyed these treats today!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thank you Tracy!

I've only known Tracy a couple of months but in this short time, I have observed that she is one of those people I like to describe as a "giver." She is always extending herself and her time. Tracy has two young kids yet manages to do so much for others and with a smile too! Recently, I made a plea for help in getting a book that's been in high demand and on reserve at every bookstore around. You may have heard of it...."50 Shades of Grey" by EL James....well I knew Tracy had read it and she very kindly offered me the first copy (it's a trilogy) and I was so excited by her gesture, I had to bake these cupcakes to show her how much I appreciated it! I will be happily reading for the next few days and I hope she and her family feel happy eating these yummy chocolatey goodness all because their Mommy is so darn sweet!