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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Girlie Pink Favors!

Loyal customer, Karen called me in a panic yesterday because the woman who was supposed to make cake pops for a family event got sick and she needed favors in a hurry! With only a day's notice, I was able to pull off 4 dozen chocolate cupcakes with piped pink icing and pink sugar crystals.

Let's Go to the Movies!

L Brand new customer, Adrienne contacted me while planning her daughter Stephanie's7th Birthday party. Stephanie and her guests were being treated to see Monsters University and some partying at Merrick Cinemas. Adrienne was super flexible and gave me the freedom to explore my creativity. It was my first time doing a movie theme and I love the way they look! Adrienne also remembered her guests' parents who get to eat up those sweet little minis! Birthday girl, Stephanie was there to greet me and loved her cupcakes!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Baby Boy on the Way!

New customer, Lindsay contacted me to order cupcakes for her co-worker expecting a baby boy very soon! Originally Lindsay wanted a cupcake cake shaped like a baby bottle but I could not get the correct size box from my supplier but thankfully she was flexible and changed her order to cupcakes with a variety of baby (boy) designs for the fondant toppers. She also asked if Big Sister Brooke could have her very own special cupcake. I supplied an individual box for expectant Mom to take Brooke's cupcake home. I hope that this celebration at Jericho School is a great surprise!


These chocolate cupcakes were made for CJ's 6th Birthday! New customer, Deanna, contacted me for these afraid I couldn't make them for Father's Day. I deliver any day of the year so we talked about the design and she liked what I had done awhile back after browsing my blog and there you go! Happy Birthday CJ!!

My favorite Soccer Mom

My friend Suzanne wears many hats but her favorite role is Mom. Her daughter Olivia, plays loves sports and Suzanne wanted to serve cupcakes on the sideline for the team's last game of the season. Many of the parents I know are relieved when the sport seasons come to an end, the freed up time is anticipated but Suzanne wanted to do something special for the team and even picked up apple turnovers for the parents! Gotta love this sweet Soccer Mom!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Swimming in Sweetness

Both of my children are taking swimming lessons at Saf-T-Swim here on Long Island. We don't own a pool but it's important to us that they would be learning how to swim and respect bodies of water. Their swim instructor is named Chris and I've observed every lesson behind a one way glass. Chris is completely focused on my children and always speaking to them, praising them with high fives and funny names for techniques and knew how to earn their trust and boost their confidence, especially my son who didn't really click with his first instructor. Both of the kids are buzzing with excitement every week in route to Saf-T-Swim since forming a bond and attending swimming lessons with Chris. This week the lessons end with Chris as he goes on to lifeguarding. The kids asked me to bake him cupcakes and Lindsey even went so far as to find out his favorite flavor in conversation. There are lots of young staff at the swimming school and I imagined this idea would be welcomed. It sure was! After Chris gave the kids hugs and took a picture with them, he immediately shared the chocolate batch and reserved to take home the vanilla(his favorite). Every time I see my kids swimming confidently in a pool, I will remember his kind manner and count my blessings!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Minnies for Sissy!

These chocolate and vanilla cupcakes were ordered by a very special woman, my friend Sissy. Sissy and I used to work together in a cramped basement office run by some ruthless folks but those times are some of the best times of my life because seeing Sissy everyday and laughing about everything together is where our friendship began and although we have not seen each other very much in the past ten years, she is one of a kind, a woman who has inspired me and I know I can forever call my friend. Sissy asked me to make these cupcakes for a cute little two year old who adores Minnie Mouse! The day was beautiful for the birthday BBQ. I hope these cupcakes added to such a great family gathering with lots of little ones. I love you Sissy!

Peace, Love & Cupcakes!

My good friend, Mary contacted me and ordered cupcakes for her daughter Meghan who is turning SEVEN! Mary and I were pregnant at the same time so I remember clearly the day Meghan was born. Meghan chose chocolate cupcakes with purple icing and peace signs to celebrate with her classmates in school. Here's to Meghan's lucky number seven and hoping she had a blast with her friends!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ladybugs for Christina!

Kerri called me and asked me to make simple cupcakes with the number 6 for her daughter Christina's birthday. I asked her to look around on my blog and reconsider since she gave me plenty of notice and I thought Christina may want something a little more detailed. Kerri emailed me a picture of a ladybug order I did a year ago and I was delighted with the choice! I made personalized banners so her age was still part of the design. Christina was in her pajamas anxiously awaiting my delivery and it was such a cute reaction. Her eyes got wide and she yelled out "Thank you so much!" This is why I really love making Babycakes. The majority of the clientele are children and it makes me so happy when they feel special!

Michele's Baby Shower!

Our friends Michele and Ed are expecting their first baby and it was my pleasure to bake these chocolate chip cupcakes for her Baby Shower. Baby Boy to-be has a jungle theme going in his nursery and I made a variety of animals for the shower favors. I love when I get to attend the party with the Babycakes and see the reactions of the guests. Everyone seemed to love the cupcakes, they were randomly placed at the table settings and it was fun for me to see and hear which animals they liked best. My personal favorite is the lion and the elephant a close second. Michele and I worked together while I was pregnant with my son and that pregnancy was not a smooth sailing one. I thought for sure that I had scared her to death but thankfully her pregnancy has been wonderful. She looks amazing and I felt so happy being there to share in their special day. Michele and Ed are such a fun loving couple and their new addition is already blessed!

Turning 40!

These red velvet and chocolate cupcakes were made for a 40th Birthday party that loyal customer, Nicole was attending. She didn't want to go empty handed and knew these would be welcomed and eaten up!