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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Peter's Holy Communion

This is my first Communion order of 2012. Annmarie contacted me far in advance for her son Peter's, First Holy Communion. Peter's guests will all be able to take home a cupcake favor and enjoy it after the party has ended. I love how dressed up my favor boxes look with the personalized labels and colored sheer ribbon! God Bless you Peter, I hope you'll always remember this very special day.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Sixteen Sweetness!

My friend Lori and her husband bought a Bounce House business, JUMP (Ronkonkoma, NY) not too long ago. Lori puts 100% of herself in everything she does and I have no doubt that this new venture will be a great success. One of the employees at the business, Jennie, is turning 16 and Lori and her husband & the staff are surprising her with a festive celebration at work! She's asked me to make hot pink/zebra print cupcakes with the typical staples of the sweet teen's world. I got inspiration from "patacake-parties" and "Oh Sugar!" both online. Lori even made a cupcake tower in the theme color and print....hoping to get a picture to post! I love when people like Lori take so much time and thought to make someone feel special and appreciated. I bet Jennie feels the love with these Babycakes. JUMP sounds like a great place to work at and share a birthday!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mathew's Cruisin through his Birthday!

It's Mathew's Birthday and his Mom, Olimpia, requested Cars (the movie) cupcakes for his preschool class celebration. I was happy to make them. My son also adores everything Cars' but have not made the actual movie characters before in fondant. I love the way they turned out! I hope Mathew and his school friends all enjoyed eating these as much as I enjoyed making them!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Birthday to the Breast Man!

Kathya has been a family friend since our elementary years in school and she called me and requested "breast" cupcakes, lots of cleavage for her husband's birthday. I sent her the link of what I had done not too long ago and she was like, "Sexier!" She then sent me a couple of sample photos and I became a nervous wreck. I am always up for a challenge but wasn't sure how to go from rated PG cupcakes to rated R. I worked on these over a course of three nights and I got into a groove, had a lot of fun creating the bikinis, lingerie and ripped tee shirts (the naughtiest ones!). Kathya was pleased with the outcome but since they were a surprise for her husband Chris, I don't know what his reaction was or what his favorites were. So now we know, he is not a leg man or a butt man but a true breast man.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Olivia!

Dora and her friends are joining the celebration for Olivia's 5th Birthday! Hope today is a beautiful day!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's a Minnie & Mickey Birthday Celebration!

It's Gabriella's 5 th Birthday! Her Mom, Annmarie, asked me to make all chocolate Mickey & Minnie cupcakes for her Tae Kwon Doe party in Wantagh, NY. Minnie was served to the girls and Mickey to the boys.
I hope that Gabriella and her friends and family all got a "kick" out of the whimsical cupcakes! Happy Birthday Gabriella!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Alyssa's Baby Shower!

My family is growing with more beautiful children to second cousin, Kevin and his girlfriend, Alyssa, are parents to-be!! Kevin's Mom, Denise threw them a sweet intimate baby shower this past weekend.
Denise asked if I would make cupcake favors for Alyssa's baby shower and I was thrilled but wanted to create something unique for the design. Alyssa has so many creative ideas and always talking about different styles and ideas for Kylie's wardrobe and nursery and so on...I knew that I'd have to make something girlie and dainty. I thought of those sweet personalized bracelets you often see made for infants and toddler with those tiny little beads. I googled my idea and was delighted to find no matches which sealed the deal for me. Made me excited that no one I followed on blogs had made this before, making this little idea of mine totally original with Kylie in mind. It was tedious but well worth it. I really wish I had the photo taken with another camera that was so perfect but this will do.
My family gives me such joy when I get to bake for our special times. I cannot wait to meet little Kylie who is due later this month. I know this is the first of many special events in her life for which I will be baking for!!

Paradise yumminess!

Mary is one of those special people I am lucky enough to have in my life. She is always finding ways to make people happy especially her children. To celebrate Julia's Birthday, she asked me to make 2 dozen burger cupcakes (check out my blog from 11/20/09- Happy Meal) and this cupcakes cake....PALM TREE! I love when someone is doing things out of the box. When I arrived to deliver, I was greeted by the birthday girl with hugs and so much gratitude! Love that! The house was transformed to a sweet luau with flowers and decorations. I knew instantly that the palm tree cupcake cake would be a hit.
Happy Birthday to you, Julia! XOXO

Kristin's Bridal Shower!

This bridal shower brought my cupcakes up a few notches in their very special packaging! My friend Michele (Kristin's MIL (to be)) is my most frequent customer and ordered cupcake favors for the shower. She found the clear boxes online and I ordered them. We got together and as a full team effort, Matt (Kristin's FIL (to be)), Samantha, (Kristin's sister in-law to be) and I folded all four dozen boxes and got done just minutes before the future bride and groom came over for a visit! Whew! That was so much fun!
Michele and I searched high and low for the right design. I am inspired to go to baking school when I think about all the flowery designs I don't know how to do. She decided on rosettes with small fondant flowers adorning each one alternating with the ribbon colors. Michele pays a lot of attention to detail and I love that about her. There is no guessing on what she wants or expects, making my job easier.
Congratulations to Kristin and Matt who will be wed in just a few months!!