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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy 8th Birthday Justin!

It was so wonderful to hear from Diana, a co-worker from long ago. Diana is one of those people I think about whenever I think about all the questions I had during my pregnancy. I worked in a small title company and she had pearls to offer about parenthood. She and I have remained in touch via Facebook and it's been nice seeing how much her kids have grown over the years but I was excited about actually getting to SEE them all in person when I delivered these special cupcakes made for Justin's 8th birthday. Cupcakes are such a great way to highlight what your child is into and making them feel like the team's V.I.P! I hope Justin and his friends enjoyed these cupcakes very much. It's amazing to me that after so much time, Diana's smile is still vibrant and the conversation is so easy! I've missed her lots. Happy Birthday Justin!!!!

I feel better, so much better, thank you Doc.....

These adorable Doc Mc Stuffins cupcakes were made for Sienna's birthday! Korrine, Sienna's Mom, ordered these vanilla and chocolate cupcakes for the birthday party at Progressive Gymnastics. I love the way they came out and was so thrilled when I heard the theme because Doc Mc Stuffins is a big deal in my house. Who says a cupcake can't take all the ouchies away? Anyway, I hope Sienna and her party guests all had a great time and enjoyed these special cupcakes!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Shhhh! It's a surprise!

Here it is! An actual cake and those who know me, know that I don't do cakes. I am so intimidated. I stress so much because I am so used to working with a 3 inch "canvas" and sometimes that's a challenge too! Fran called me and emailed me. She is the master surprise party planner! Her boyfriend is turning 40 and she asked that I make cupcakes and a cake for the party. She told me they love to go to Friendly's and order a Jim Dandy to go. I had no idea what this was so she actually went and emailed me a picture of it! She told me what was on it and we agreed to make it lay flat on the cake rather than stand it up. I was a little stressed about the logo but made it edible on wafer paper! I really like the way the whole order turned out. The dozens of cupcakes are all adorned with colored sprinkles and a fondant cherry and pair well with the 9 inch cake. Both are vanilla cake, vanilla frosting and homemade marshmallow fondant. I really would love to learn how to go bigger and possibly offer cakes as well as cupcakes but still not my comfort zone. Time will tell. I hope Fran loves all the details of her boyfriend's party and I'm sure he will love the love in all her planning and pulling off the big surprise!

Happy 9th Birthday Olivia!

Laura, Olivia's Mom, contacted me for cupcakes to celebrate Olivia's 9th Birthday. This year, there is no formal party but instead twelve of Olivia's girl friends are going to her house to "hang out." Olivia knew what she wanted but unfortunately I knew I didn't have the time and skill to create her first choice of a cupcake. Those were bears but it looked like real fur to me....have no idea what technique that was but it was pretty cool. After much browsing online together over the phone, Olivia decided on Zhu Zhu Pet cupcakes, I saved the image and she picked out the colors you see here. They aren't very complicated but I'm sure Olivia and her friends will love them! XO Happy 9th Birthday Olivia!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Just Toppers!

These homemade fondant toppers were made for little Brendan's birthday party. His Mom, Elle, asked me to make these to top on her home made gluten/nut free cupcakes. My toppers are a great idea to personalize cupcakes while being allergy conscious. Let's face it....anyone can bake a cupcake and spread some frosting on it. Most kids will get so excited and not hesitate to gobble it up while you feel like a rock star but most Moms and Dads hire me because the work and skill is in the fondant toppers. I make sure it's custom to what the celebrant likes and guess what? You are still the rock star! If allergies are a concern in your household, please know that you can top what you prepare with these and the kids will love em! Hope Brendan liked his Mickey Mouse toppers and enjoyed his birthday celebtation!

Capt. Matt America

It's Matt's 4th Birthday! His Mom, good friend Mary, requested chocolate Super Hero cupcakes with more Capt. America than the other varieties I offered. I had hoped to see the birthday boy when I delivered these to their home but he was napping. His family loved them and I'm pretty sure he did too. Happy Birthday Matt!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Lucas!

Love this recipient of these Birthday cupcakes so much. Lucas is having a whole weekend to celebrate his 11th birthday. Tonight, he has a bunch of his friends sleeping over. They all play a video game that I have never heard of but if you know me, that doesn't mean it's an unpopular game! Lucas requested MineCraft Creepers. I had to do research and was able to create these for him. He'll be headed to Great Wolf over the weekend and sure to have a blast! I wish I could make time slow down a little more because I can't believe how fast my Lucas has grown! XOXO