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Friday, September 30, 2011

Garden City Pediatrics Rocks!

My kids used to be afraid of going to see the doctor but thankfully that has passed and they are eager to go whether they are well or sick.
The staff at Garden City Pediatrics are all so friendly and most of them are the same familiar faces from the early days of bringing our children there as newborns. The doctors are easy to talk to and always make time for my questions and concerns.
We try to take time to thank people in our lives when it is proper to do so (like after we've recieved a gift) but it's so nice to show folks how much you appreciate all they do especially when what they do is so important and they don't expect a proper "Thank You."
Baking for someone who doesn't know it's coming is probably my favorite time to bake.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fresh Beat Band!

The songs from this series on Nickelodeon will stay in your head all day if you view an episode! My kids were crazy for this band and their catchy songs but have recently tuned into My Little Pony.
Lilly, a repeat customer, requested one dozen Fresh Beat Band chocolate chip cupcakes for her daughter, Isabella's 6th Birthday celebration. I used the colors from her invitation and the logo to make it all flow. Everything is edible, even the logo, thanks to edible paper that is tasteless so all you taste is cupcake yumminess. Happy 6th Birthday Isabella!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Favorite Hello, Hardest Goodbye

These cupcakes were made to honor a girl named Brittany. She passed away a year ago today and her family hosted a memorial for her family and friends. Brittany was only 14 years old but she made a huge impact on the lives of those around her. Her Mom requested that I create cupcakes that represented her favorite things. They told a story of how she loved Phantom of the Opera, playing acoustic guitar and electric guitar, and her love of sunrises and sunsets. I thought about her and her Mom the whole week as I prepared the fondant toppers, thinking about my neice who has the same interests. Her Mom was very detailed when describing Brittany's interests to me. This was hands down the most rewarding order I ever had. I was at the memorial briefly and I watched quietly as Brittany's friends carefully selected their cupcakes. Some opted for a guitar and some sighed when they noticed the sun.
One of Brittany's favorite quotes was "I want to be your favorite Hello and your hardest Goodbye." I'm certain this is true.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Get your Motor Running.....

My darling little boy is FOUR years old! This past year he has made us proud by entering preschool with ease & making so many friends. We survived night terrors and potty training this past year too. It's been another year of watching him grow in so many ways. I am lucky enough to spend more time with Chase than anyone else making most of the time feel like a big warm hug. I know one day it will be me requesting the hugs and I hope that day is long off.
Chase requested vanilla (his favorite) cupcakes topped with monster trucks. The Bounce House in Levittown provides an ice cream cake so I made the cupcakes as favors for his guests to take home to enjoy. The design must be credited to Posh Tot Events - thank you!! The trucks are made of my homemade marsh mellow fondant, all neutral colors so the girls who attend his bounce party will still love em.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHASE ANTHONY! You will always be my baby!
(Note: Top picture were the cupcakes made for his preschool class celebration.)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just like a Prayer

No one on this planet will ever love me like my Mom loves me. It was her birthday on August 27th but because of Hurricane Irene, the celebration was postponed to this past weekend. I wanted to create something unique for her birthday.
My Mom is a devout Catholic, who prays daily, attends mass weekly and actually practices what is preached. She is a faithful and loving human being that really does more than just "show up."
When my Mom saw the cupcakes arranged on the dining room table, she was moved to tears. The cupcakes were minis and standard sized vanilla and red velvets without fondant. Minis had a classic swirl and the standards were rosettes.
The celebration was shared by my cousin Rolf. My Mom is his God Mother and was happy to share the spotlight with her fellow Virgo nephew.
Feliz Cumpeanos Yolanda y Rolfie!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy 12th Birthday Jessica!

I'm always happy to bake for the Skeggs family. It's Jessica's 12th Birthday and she requested vanilla multi-colored cupcakes and fondant flowers. I hope her celebration is just as bright as these Babycakes.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday Sir!

Birthday boy, Connor, is turning SEVEN and requested Army themed cupcakes. I went to work with my homemade marsh mellow fondant and prepared compasses, camouflage discs for some personalized toppers, and even grenades.
I hope that these chocolate and vanilla cupcakes make him feel special.