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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Adventure Time!

My niece Madison asked to spend the night at my house as part of her birthday gift and bake and decorate cupcakes together. This kind of request made my heart so happy, she never fails to show me her love. Time together was really a gift she gave me! So the theme to her cupcakes are Adventure Time. New to me so we looked at images online and picked out a few of the main players. There's Finn, the human, Cake, the cat, Jake, the dog, and Princess Bubble Gum and Princess Lump. Madison iced the cupcakes and made the majority of the fondant figures herself. She was a great "student" and I welcome her company with baking ANYTIME!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summertime Birthday Party!

My beautiful, smart, creative, kind and funny daughter is turning SIX tomorrow. She is having a party with her school friends and girls from the Daisy Troop at the local bowling alley today. We've been counting down the days together and the excitement has been brewing. I never considered making cupcakes with the bowling theme but instead one that screams SUMMER when you look at it. I saw this on the Bakerella blog site awhile back and made a mental note of them because I fell in love instantly. Bakerella is a inspiration and how she comes up with these unique ideas, I just don't know! The real challenge in this creation (for me), was getting the paper cups that typically hold up a snow cone or Italian ice. Could not find any that actually fit the standard sized cupcake but the tiny spoon is simply the cutest little touch! Lindsey is such a wonderful daughter, sister, friend and person. I know she will feel the love of those around her today as she becomes "bigger than one hand!"

Friday, July 27, 2012

Comsewogue HS Reunion!

My friend Marc is hosting his 20 year high school reunion in Port Jefferson, NY this weekend. These vanilla Babycakes are all topped in Comsewogue High School colors, royal blue and gold. I made home made banners with various captions too.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Filip!!

New customer, Aida, called to order cupcakes for her son, Filip who is turning TWO! She requested Elmo and it was fun to make these vanilla cupcakes for him. The day of delivery I was also expecting a delivery of my own, a new camera, a birthday gift to my husband and myself this year. I waited and waited and although it came before I had to leave to delivery these Babycakes, I had to charge the battery and that meant I would not be able to take a picture like I always do for the blog. Aida was so nice to offer to take one for me and she quickly emailed it to me as promised. I am lucky to have great customers! Thank you Aida for trusting me with your big boy's birthday cupcakes and for snapping the picture for the blog! Hope Filip has a wonderful birthday celebration with his friends! Happy 2nd Birthday Filip!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Janice's Sprinkle!

Today was Janice's "Sprinkle." Janice is the proud Mother of two beautiful girls. In just a few weeks, she will be the Mother of THREE and this time she's having a BOY! Her family and friends got together today to celebrate and help Janice get some boyish blue into her world. I made these simple vanilla cupcakes adorned with the blue bibs, "It's a BOY!!" I hope Janice continues to have a smooth pregnancy and welcomes R.J into the world with blue bows and then some!

Thank Heavens for Little....

Well, "It's a ?" I love when someone still opts for the surprise of a lifetime. When you don't know your baby to-be's gender, it's suspenseful for everyone. The old wives' tales and guessing can be an endless source of amusement! New customer, Debbie, called me while planning her daughter's Baby Shower and decided to have fun with the gender guessing. She picked a variety of velvet, chocolate and chocolate chip. I made male and female teddy bears and both pink and blue bibs. It's just a matter of time before the baby comes and the mystery is long gone.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lizards for Logan!

These cupcakes were made for a boy who my daughter simply adores, Logan. They became friends in Kindergarten and I'm sure glad since it turns out that Logan is a great kid who has a pretty wonderful family & we've all become friends. Logan turned SIX recently and his Mom requested lizards, snakes & turtles on his birthday cupcakes. It's always a bonus when I get to witness the celebrant enjoy the fruits of my labor and be a part of the celebration. Happy 6th Birthday Logan!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Breasts & Beer Birthday!

Not my typical rated PG cupcakes but I give the people what they want! LOL My daughter's tutor/babysitter has a cousin who is celebrating his legit 21st Birthday and she wanted to make sure he got what he likes best! These chocolate and vanilla cupcakes are adorned with homemade fondant toppers resembling Kenny's favorite beer, Heineken and his other get it. Emma and her family are planning on surprising Kenny with a big party tonight, with homemade beer to accompany these Babycakes. Sounds like a great way to kick off his milestone birthday. Happy 21st Birthday Kenny!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July Luau!

These cupcakes were made for Anna and her family as they celebrate the Fourth of July Luau style! Anna asked me to make leis with the traditional red, white and blue colors. They look fantastic and really pop against the "sand." Anna let me do anything I wanted for the rest. I got inspired once again by Lynlee at Lynlee's Petite Cakes for the palm tree and the ukulele. I hope her family is able to enjoy this holiday especially after a sudden injury that occurred a few days ago, landed Anna's husband in the hospital. She insisted the celebration would go on regardless! Happy and safe July 4th everyone!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Adi's Birthday Cupcakes!

These Babycakes are taking a road trip across two state lines for Adi's Birthday! It's amazing to me that the theme has been a popular request since my original creation just a short 2 months ago in April. My target client is typically a Mom who has a child under the age of 8. I even neglected to post these "Rated R" cupcakes on Facebook because I have some friends who are minors but the orders came for them despite the minimal exposure, no pun intended! This order came from a person who tasted my cupcakes at a Communion for a set of twins that she nannies. She got my business card and contacted me right away to place an order after browsing this blog. I am still completely flattered when someone who has never met me, will request cupcakes for something really special. Edyta is driving to Pennsylvania with a perfect sized cooler for the box I packed these Babycakes in. I am always excited to know that my endeavor reaches people a great distance away. I hope Adi loves his sweet, sinful cupcakes--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!