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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's a Girl!

One of my favorite people in the world became a grandmother yesterday! Michele called me and said "How soon can you have pink cupcakes made for me?" I started screaming with delight since the gender was a pure surprise and little baby Conchetta came one sweet day early! Congratulations Matt and Michele on becoming Grandparents! Baby Conchetta is daughter to new parents, Kristin and Matthew. Congratulations to them! She is a blessing and will have a life full of love always!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Animal Adventure Cupcakes for Samantha!

What do you get when you have real live reptiles such as snakes and alligators and real wild animals such as hedgehogs, monkeys, a kookaburra & a kangaroo? Well, that's easy....Animal Adventures! Now you add an adorable birthday girl turning FIVE named Samantha and you get a very exciting birthday party! Cristina contacted me for Samantha's fifth birthday celebration at L.I.C Kids. She ordered them early on, just before I was taking my children to a hands on experience at my local library. Coincidence would have it that "Nature Nick" would be the same man who hosts private parties with these beautiful animals. My excitement for this order was huge in the midst of my communion season! Cristina and Ed host wonderful parties for their daughters and I assured them that this would be an unforgettable hit! Learning about these animals that typically live in rainforests and deserts and far away lands is such an amazing experience but eating a cute cupcake with one of these animals on it is a close second! Happy 5th Birthday Samantha!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Anthony's First Communion!

These beautiful cupcakes were ordered by Christine for her son, Anthony's First Communion. The design is over two years old but still very popular as I had another order for a Communion using this design which originally was for a baptism. I like that Christine made it more personal by requesting initials. I hope that Anthony's guests all enjoyed these. God Bless!

Justin's First Holy Communion!

These chocolate and vanilla cupcakes were made for Justin who is celebrating his Fist Communion. Justin's Mom, Diana, contacted me after looking through my blog and selecting a design that I did two years ago for a baptism. I love when customers really browse through my blog posts, old and current! The very next day I had a customer select the very same design for a Communion as well but added initials to her order.....that's the next post! A little ahead of myself... It's always so nice to see Diana. She's special to me because she was such a great help to me while I was pregnant with my daughter, my first child. She loves being a Mom and always had such wonderful advice for me. Yesterday when I delivered these, I brought my daughter and was great to see her light up with awe...the years trickle by so quickly. Diana worked so hard on this event. She had a beautiful candy bar set up and did all the work herself. I felt good that she selected Babycakes to serve at such a special party. God Bless you Justin!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Mat!

Loyal friend and customer, Olimpia, ordered these Thomas the train themed cupcakes for her son Mathew's FOURTH Birthday celebration at his preschool. She requested a dozen chocolate and a dozen white cake and specifically wanted tracks, signs and of course, Thomas himself! I think Mat will really like these and I wish him the happiest birthday ever!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Kylie's First Birthday!

Alyssa & Kevin are proud parents of precious Kylie Rose who celebrated her first birthday yesterday with a beautiful garden themed party. Kylie is such a special part of our family. She was my beloved grandmother's second great great grandchild and has been a blessing to everyone! Her smile and energy makes every get together full of fun and laughter. Kylie and her parents were displaced because of Hurricane Sandy when Kylie was only 6 months old. They lost everything! It was heartbreaking for a young family to gather basics and make more enormous sacrifices to get back on their feet. They had help and it made them stronger. In some ways, Kylie's first year is a reflection of so much that they have been through and how much love and support they are blessed with. It was my honor to make some garden themed cupcakes for Kylie's birthday party. There was a huge candy bar and an amazing castle cake and yet they still wanted my humble cupcakes there too. I was more than happy to make them. My wish is that this next year is more about their gains and moving forward....watching Kylie blossom like a beautiful flower that has weathered a storm. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET KYLIE ROSE!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Whooo's Having a Baby?

Faviola, new customer from Queens, NY, contacted me about her Baby Shower. She's expecting her first child (a boy) in seven weeks and we know how much excitement is brewing in the air! She emailed me a copy of the invitation and asked me to make small little owls and branches separately. Owls are popping up everywhere but some are creepy looking....these are simply adorable! She and her husband and Mother came insisted on driving to Levittown to pick these up themselves and it was great to chat and see how excited these made the parent to-be.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Olivia's Birthday Cupcakes!

These vanilla Hello Kitty themed cupcakes are for Olivia's Birthday. Olivia's Mom, Nicole ordered them and it's so nice to bake for her special day year after year. When I delivered these to Bellmore, NY yesterday, Olivia was at the door with a wide beaming smile. It never gets old for me. HPPY BIRTHDAY OLIVIA!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Game on Anthony!

These Xbox themed cupcakes were made for Anthony's 8th Birthday. They were ordered by new customer, Christine. I had a request for these by my nephew a couple of years ago but he changed his mind at the last minute and I never got a chance to make them for anyone until now! I love the way they came out and so did the birthday boy. I got a chance to see his reaction when I delivered them to Commack, NY. Anthony was all smiles and it made me feel great! Happy Birthday Anthony!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Mrs.Schneider gets an A+

A good friend of mine, Tracey, asked me to make cupcakes for her daughter's first grade teacher, Mrs. Schneider. Mrs. Schneider recently was awarded the Founder's Day award in which letters are written to a committee about nominees deserving of this award. A letter was selected and Mrs. Schneider won! Tracey wanted to send Mrs. Schneider home with these personal treats knowing she has children of her own. Teachers spend a lot of time with our kids, and we know they do so much more than just teach. They truly become extensions of what we are teaching them at home. Mrs. Schneider deserves to be recognized for her hard work and devotion. I love that my friend Tracey wanted to do something more for her to congratulate this honor.

Sally's Shower!

Sally and Brian (aka Briaz)are getting married! These cupcakes were made for Sally's Bridal Shower in anticipation of their spring wedding later this month. Brian, her fiancé, is very special to me. He is my best friend's first cousin and I met him when he was in in elementary school. Brian and his friends would sleep over my best friend's house and those were fun times. I've watched him play sports, we've done school projects together, gone Christmas caroling together, suddenly he's graduating high school, then college. A couple of years ago, I even sampled his home made sangria. It's fair to say he's grown up quite a bit but still has a boy like quality that I see in him. When I met Sally, it was easy to see how they feel for one another. Brian and Sally make a beautiful couple and I wish them the best life has to offer for their future.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Fiesta Cupcakes for Emily!

Loyal customer, Robyn, ordered these cupcake favors way in advance for her daughter Emily. Emily is celebrating her 11th Birthday at On the Border (a Mexican restaurant) with her family and friends. Robyn knew the guests would rather a take home treat than a plastic maraca! These favors include a sombrero, a red chili pepper, maracas and a taco! Robyn has complete faith in me and I feel so flattered that I was able to create something personal for this special night!