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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tea time!

I ought to start by saying that Tracy has been a great supportive friend to me in the past year or so that we've become friends. It was my delight to make these cupcakes for her daughter Bailey's 7th Birthday. Can you guess the theme? A lovely floral tea party. Tracy was stressed because of the weather but what she came to realize was that there would be laughter and love in the forecast as well. The tea party was outdoors but we were sheltered by tents that were decorated by big paper pom poms, wired ribbon and painted tea pots. Every guest got a bag with satin black gloves, a string of pearls a paper fan and candy. Each guest also took home a real tea cup! This idea was so adorable that it makes me want to host one for the adults! The top picture is the 'sneak peek' (which I rarely do) I sent to Tracy yesterday when I completed the toppers! The chocolate cupcakes were topped with tea cups and tea pots and Bailey got her very own personalized "Babycake." First one I've ever made and looking forward to making these often, they were a real hit. I rarely get to attend the parties I bake for and it really does feel good to hear the reactions and to watch the pretty cupcakes get eaten up. Brendan and Tracy are super parents who open their home to so many while renovations are underway and really make you feel right at home. Bailey is a sweet and kind friend to my daughter and so happy we were part of the celebration. Happy 7th Birthday Bailey!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Hello Kitty & Legos for Twins, Olivia & Jake!

Cyndi has been ordering cupcakes from me for three years and always makes me feel like a rock star! Her twins are turning SEVEN and she requested Hello Kitty for Olivia and Legos for Jake. These vanilla, chocolate chip and chocolate cupcakes are for their birthday celebration at school. Cyndi always has so much trust in what I will come up with and her praise really keeps me going! Happy 7th Birthday!

Monday, May 20, 2013

It's a Boy!

Just last month, I got an exciting phone call to bake up cupcakes to announce the arrival of a new baby girl and this past weekend, I got a chance to bake and design a dozen cupcakes to celebrate a bouncing baby boy for repeat customer, Trish. These vanilla cupcakes are topped off with fondant sailboats and little powder blue rattles.

Hello Kitty for Mary's 4th!

These Hello Kitty cupcakes were ordered by new customer, Kristen for her daughter's 4th birthday celebration at Progressive Gymnastics in New Hyde Park, NY. The four dozen cupcakes are all vanilla and half are topped with homemade fondant toppers and the others with sprinkles and home made personal banners. I hope Mary's 4th Birthday party was a hit!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sweet Sixteen Sugar!

These red velvet and vanilla cupcakes were ordered by Laurie for her niece's Sweet 16th Birthday celebration and I loved the way they turned out! She emailed me a picture of the party invitation and it was a cute old fashioned candy lollipop with swirls of color and glittery shimmer. I topped the cupcakes with colored sugar crystals and sprinkles and chocolate initials and finally fondant candy. So colorful and sparkly and she LOVED them upon delivery. I hope her niece loved them as much as Laurie did!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Not your standard Communion Cupcakes!

That's right! These are custom cupcakes for Isabella to honor her First Communion. Diana ordered these and I even resisted a bit in the beginning to the idea of doing a design to celebrate a Communion with sunglasses, purses and sneakers! I thought isn't this more appropriate for a birthday but Diana insisted and we brainstormed for weeks. I am very happy that the guests will be taking home a cupcake from the party that truly reflects Isabella's unique style! Each cupcake is topped with colored vanilla icing, a Sugar Sheet (Zebra design) that I cut into circles and placed on my homemade fondant and then topped with my signature toppers and wrapped up individually to-go. I think Diana will love these and more importantly, Isabella will know the story behind all planning for her special day. I am so happy that Diana did not cave because I was so reluctant at first. I was super nervous about the sneakers and they are my favorite of all the toppers. Every child needs someone who is looking to please them and make them feel this special! God Bless Isabella!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lindsey turns 5!

Karen ordered these cupcakes for her daughter Lindsey's 5th Birthday celebration today! Karen is a loyal customer and while browsing my blog she saw these exact cupcakes that I made for my daughter Lindsey when she turned four....Blog date is July 2010. I love when old posts become current again and it has been happening a lot lately. And I really love it when parents don't forget the parents who are staying for the party! These chocolate and vanilla minis were the perfect addition to the personal batch! Happy 5th Birthday Lindsey!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Nurses Week!

Happy Nurses Week! These are my favorite kinds of orders to get, lovemaking a variety of toppers based on a theme. Here you see, scrubs with a big ole heart, pills, blood pressure cuffs, nurses' caps, stethoscopes and band aids. Cupcakes aren't exactly medicine but they sure can make you feel better! These vanilla cupcakes were ordered by brand new customer, Barbara who heard about Babycakes from my good friend Tracey.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Declan & Ryan's Communion Cupcakes!

Laurie, a friend of mine, ordered these cupcakes for Godson, Ryan and his twin brother, Declan for their First Holy Communion. These boys are sons of one of her best friends, Matt and she always calls on me for their special parties. It is my pleasure especially since I know just how strong the bond is among this group of friends that Laurie and Matt are part of. It's so nice to see that old friends do not grow apart over time. The design was from a couple of years ago but it has been a hit this Communion season 2013! I really hope that the boys felt special on this blessed day.

Alex's Confirmation

These vanilla cupcake favors were made for Alex who celebrated his Confirmation late last week and his Mom, Mary, a great friend of mine ordered these way back. I get very busy this time of year because of the religious sacraments, many spring birthdays in my clientele and happy that Mary as usual, is on her game. She called me very far in advance, very smart Mom!! Alex is probably the oldest of all my friends' kids. I can't even believe he was just Confirmed. I can remember when we heard the news of Mary expecting him.....all the thoughts that wandered to special times such as these. Mary is such a wonderful friend to me and makes every occasion in her kids' lives special with extra thought and detail.