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Monday, June 27, 2011

Madi's Day!

These are all for my amazing and beautiful neice, Madisen who graduated (starting high school in the fall!) and also celebrating her 14th Birthday! She had super grades despite having moved to NY from Oregon in the winter. I made a batch to honor her graduation with chocolate cupcakes adorned with fondant toppers in her school colors...She loves Nick Jonas and so I made little personal banners with his pictures on one side and song titles on the other side....we wanted her to have a chance to make that annual birthday wish while blowing out candles so made her a pull apart vanilla cupcake cake adored with fondant flowers. Her hugs and kisses were my payment and I felt so happy seeing her smile from ear to ear. We love you and we're so proud of you Madi and I look forward to being there for many more of your milestones!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Teachers Rock!

The teachers at my daughter's school are amazing people and have been so instrumental in my daughter's success.
Her teacher, Ms. Kim is so nuturing! She really helped Lindsey tackle some issues along with her speech therapist Ellen, her assistants, Michelle & Fortune and so many others. I wanted them to have a little treat as the school year is almost done. It was quite a collaborative effort and I am forever grateful.
These cupcakes are vanilla with vanilla bean frosting.

Bobby's 40 !

My husband Bobby is 40 today! We didn't have a party but are doing some very special and simple things that make him very happy. He wanted a "date" with me and so we are going out for dinner but otherwise, did not wish for any kind of gift at all. I got him his favorite bottle of wine and the kids made him a card and decorated the house. I baked simple vanilla cupcakes with vanilla bean frosting. Simple but airy, light and full of flavor.
I rarely broadcast how special Bobby is to me. He was exactly what I had wished for when I was single, every time I blew out a candle, every shooting star, every long day's prayer. He came into my life with so much goodness oozing out of his pores and the boy next door type. He has helped me achieve so many of my dreams. Together, we have a beautiful family and a home I often take for granted. (I would love to remodel someday) He works so hard and supports me in so many ways. I thank my lucky stars for meeting him and for being his wife. I wish I could have given him a pricey gift but he's truly happy with just having us with him, eating a fine dinner. I love knowing we will grow old together!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sweet Favors!

These Bridal Shower favors were ordered by my friend, Jackie. Her younger brother, Thomas and Cathy are getting married and she made sure to handle the favors as part of her bridesmaid (& big sister) responsibility!
The cupcakes were chocolate with vanilla icing and adorned with my homemade marshmellow fondant and banners. Jackie thought up the whimsical sayings for the banners and all the colors. I am thankful for the cooler temperature as these Babycakes are headed to Brooklyn today! Love the idea of the guests taking these home to enjoy after the shower!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kristin Daly - Remember that Name!

Today, Kristin Daly's body of work will be on display at Studio East Gallery in Greenport, NY. Her future mother in-law decided to order cupcakes for the Opening. I made personalized banners with scanned pictures of some of her work....I included a caricature of Kristin herself! She is a full time teacher and does this on the side....such amazing work! I have not met Kristin (yet) but already a fan.
Here is some info on the show:
Kristin Daly's Echoes of the Feminine Form.
Works in Wood, Piant & Clay.

Studio East Gallery
120 Front Street
Greenport, New York

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mario & Luigi Cupcakes!!

These are Daniel's vanilla chocolate chip Birthday cupcakes. Daniel is one of Lindsey's BEST friends from school, she likes to refer to him as "My Daniel." As the school year's end is quickly approaching, we are sad that we will no longer get to see friends like Daniel on a daily basis all summer or even in the fall.
Daniel is such a big fan of Luigi and Mario & even dressed up as Luigi on Halloween. I know these cupcakes will make his birthday celebration at school all the more festive! Happy Birthday Daniel--thank you for being such a terrific friend to "Lindsey Lou."

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Bday Celebrations @Pixie!

Like me, Lindsey's birthday lands itself in the summer months while school is out of session. It was great to have a whole classroom sing Happy Birthday to her with the adorable hat her teacher, Mrs. Augello, personalized for her. Her birthday is such a special time for all of us because of the miracle baby she truly was to conceive!
Lindsey requested nothing complicated. She knew she wanted chocolate on chocolate and her name on some. Laura and Nicolette also celebrated today & some boys in her class celebrating on Friday as they wrap up their preschool year. Next week she graduates and moves on to Kindergarten! Now I am getting way ahead thinking about the Fall already......

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Christening Cupcake Cross

I wanted to post a photo of a cupcake cross I did today for Karen's baby twins (a boy & a girl). I neglected to photograph the two dozen cupcakes that were also ordered because I've posted the same cross cupcakes in the past for Communions and Baptisms. I just wanted to show off the cross with the little colored flowers.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Carnival Birthday!

Olivia and Jake turned FIVE and their Mom, Cynthia always thinks of original themes for partying. When Cynthia first asked me to bake and decorate a "Big Top" cupcake (yes, the kind you see on TV), I was not loving the idea but gave it some thought and very happy with the outcome. I am constantly asked if I can do "cakes" to compliment the cupcakes but I usually don't feel like I could use fondant on a bigger surface so I decline. I am really happy I took on the challenge and will start to offer this option once I can figure out the right sized box for delivery.
Thank you Cynthia for being such a trusting and loyal customer! You deserve a "High Five" for your creative vision!!

You're a Shining Star!

My friend, Janet, asked me to bake vanilla cupcakes with a dance (ballet) theme for her daughter Gina's Dance Recital. Gina performed a tap dance to the classic song, Lollipop.
I hope she shares some footage of this big day with me! It's always great to see Janet and her family.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Teddy Bear Velvets!

A Facebook friend of mine, Jobina Torres, ordered these adorable cupcakes for her cousin Sandra's 40th Birthday! They are red velvet cupcakes with traditional cream cheese frosting topped with my marshmellow fondant teddy bears and mini rosies.
The temperature in NY has been higher than normal and I had to travel over 30 miles to Brooklyn to deliver these guys....I had the air cranked up and they made it there safe and sound....these cupcakes are commuting in the morning with Vilma (Sandra's sister) to NYC where she works at the Daily Show and then heading to Cuba (a restaurant) on Thompson, the site for Sandra's 40th festivities! The little teddy bears have come a long way and I hope that Sandra feels the love as I do when folks support me from far and wide. THANK YOU!!