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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

100 Days of School

New customer Kerri, found me through longtime and loyal friend (& customer) Janet. Kerri wanted to have cupcakes at her daughter's school for their 100th Day of School! She requested the school's colors be represented and split the flavors both chocolate and vanilla. It was great to meet for the first time in person as is the case in most of my Babycaking. It doesn't get old, that great feeling when someone who's never met me will hire me upon contact because of the nice things they've heard about me and/or the cupcakes. It flatters me when there are tons of bakeries and cupcake specialty shops popping up everywhere. Thank you Kerri and Janet!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Julie's Sweet Sixteen!

These cupcake favors are going to be handed out at Julie's Sweet Sixteen tonight. Elly, Julie's Mom, is a friend from high school and we've reconnected through Facebook and she has been so loyal to me, ordering cupcakes for both of her daughters' special events. This is the cream of the crop thus far! Elly contact me back in August of 2011 to secure me for the date of her daughter's celebration. I was quite flattered! She originally had another theme but Julie changed her mind and went with a web comic called Homestuck. These are the symbols of "The Kingdoms of Prospit and Derse." She sent me a picture of the symbols photographed all together and I researched trying to get some of these symbols photographed individually but had no such luck on all four. There are 84 cupcakes in total and she had a custom label printed and supplied the purple wired ribbon to package these lovely favors up. The flavors are split up chocolate and vanilla and I used edible wafer paper to get the very symbols sent to me on the cupcakes. I felt a little stunted in my inability to find images of these symbols but I really love the finished outcome! I cannot believe Elly has a daughter who is SIXTEEN! I can remember when we were that age! I hope tonight is a wonderful night for your family and friends and that Julie feels like the Queen of her own Kingdom!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Antonio's Angry Birds!

These Angry Birds cupcakes were ordered by Kathya for her son Antonio's 10th Birthday party. Kathya is a loyal customer who orders for all her family's special events and it was fun to make these for Antonio's double digit milestone birthday. These Angry Birds are sure to make Antonio and his friends very HAPPY! Happy 10th Birthday!!

Cupcakes can tell a Story!

These cupcakes are to honor Harry on his 65th Birthday. Robin, his daughter, is traveling to Philadelphia with her family to celebrate his birthday and she gave me lots of ideas to help create a personal theme to tell Harry's story. You'll see the Liberty Bell, his initial, a golf bag, he was a cop, now a lawyer and likes to perform magic for his grandchildren. I love the way they simple little dozen can say so much about the celebrant! Hope these Babycakes made a safe trip all the way to Harry's place setting! Happy 65th Birthday Harry!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines to-go!

Love letters, flowers and sweets are all the staple ways to demonstrate the love you feel towards those special people in your life. My friend, Janet, ordered these cupcake favors for the Daisies in her troop to celebrate Valentine's Day. The extras are for the adults so there's plenty of love to go around. It's always fun to make cupcakes and package them so darn cute!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Sushi for Ashley's Birthday!!!

Sushi anyone? These adorable cupcakes are going to pair well with Ashley's Birthday dinner at a Japanese restaurant. Ashley's Mom, Diana, asked me to make these and I was so excited. It's been about two years since I've made my "sushi cupcakes" and lots of people will be seeing these for the first time. Ashley is done with "kiddie parties" and dinner out with friends meant birthday cupcakes and I love the idea! Happy Birthday Ashley!!!

Ben's Bar Mitzvah!

Robbi, Ben's Grandmother, contacted me and ordered cupcakes for his Bar Mitzvah. She and I spoke at length about his hobbies and she asked me to make some sports team logos and some fun fondant toppers to allow many varieties. Ben goes to sleep away Camp Lohikan and loves to water ski and snowboard. Robbi also wanted me to include his initial and menorahs. I love the way these all tell a story about Ben! Congratulations Ben and thank you Robbi for coming up with such great personal details to help this all come together!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I Come to Fix the Sink.....

"It's the Plumber, I Come to Fix the Sink!" I'm not even sure what that's from but I remember it being a catch phrase of my youth, some kind of joke I think....well anyway, my memory fails me at times! My parents needed a plumber and their neighbor came to the rescue. These are for him & his wife and two daughters to have tonight as a surprise treat. Thank you for helping out my Mom & Dad!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gabby...a beautiful shining star!

There was a time in my life that I sometimes refer to as my adult spring break time. I was single, young and living my life to the fullest with my girlfriends. In the summertime, it was the party peak for me during those years spent in Fire Island, NY. That's where I met Nicole. The first person I ever met who had a tattoo on her foot and a smile like Julia Roberts. My Fire Island days of partying and oversleeping are long behind me. We have grown up a bit and become wives and mothers. Nicole and I recently reconnected on Facebook. She is married and a Mom to three beautiful girls. Her youngest is Gabby. Gabby has a story unlike most girls her age. I was moved and inspired and knew immediately that I had to extend myself. I baked these cupcakes for Gabby and her family to let her know her circle of friendship just got wider and we want to support her fight. Nicole and I have a mutual friend, Chris who is planning on spending this snowy day with Nicole and Gabby. The drive is far but will be special I am certain. Today Nicole and Chris will be seeing each other for the first time in nearly a decade! Chris did me the favor of delivering these to Gabby for us and I'm hoping the pretty batch make her feel quite special. Lindsey, my daughter, is eager to meet her and I promised her we would soon. Please take a moment to read about Gabby and her courageous light. She is a shining star!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Glimpse Inside a Teen's World

Robyn heard about Babycakes from my friend Diana and contacted me for her daughter, Abby's 13th Birthday. After speaking with Robyn first, it was really great to hear all the excitement and talk over the ideas for cupcake theme/design with the celebrant herself! Always fun for me! Abby gave me plenty of ideas and I think we could have easily made another dozen with her enthusiasm. I made logos for her favorite shows, Glee, Pretty Little Liars and a recent movie, Pitch Perfect. She browsed the blog and liked the lipstick and age and asked me to make her an iphone. I was secretly nervous because I myself do not have an iphone and have never created one from fondant. The phone turned out to be my favorite ones!! When I delivered the batch to Robyn at the school she teaches, I suddenly felt like I was walking beside the most popular girl in the school. Students and faculty were stopping her as she made her way with the cupcakes and it's very rewarding to hear the reactions first hand. It's times like these that I feel really proud of my creative niche and how a little conversation can turn the baked cupcake into a very personal edible indulgence! I drove away with a huge smile on my face and a lot of appreciation for friends like Diana who happened to mention Babycakes to Robyn in the first place. This blog and Facebook are my billboard but the customers, friends, and family who recommend me and enable a new customer to have faith in me, is the best marketing this Stay at Home Mom can ask for with her little Babycakes home based business. THANK YOU for keeping my name out there when anyone could walk into an established bakery instead. HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY ABBY!!!