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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Happy 7th Birthday Nicolette!

Love these glamour themed cupcakes for new customer Gina, who wanted to have something custom for her daughter Nicolette's 7th Birthday! These vanilla cupcakes are adorned with homemade fondant toppers. The nail polish, lips, flowers, makeup, lipstick and bows are such to make any girl happy! Happy 7th Birthday Nicolette who was dressed in matching dress as her bigger sister when I delivered these. Stylish and Girlie all the way!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Emily's headed to Oneonta!

My friend, "Cupcake Colleen" called and ordered these vanilla on vanilla minis for her niece who is headed to Oneonta State this coming fall. Proud Aunt asked for personalized banners and the college logo and red and black sprinkles. Colleen is a great customer who loves surprising her family and friends with my edible treats. Congratulations to Emily!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pretty Paisley!

My "sudo" cousin Emily ordered cupcakes for her girlfriend's 30th birthday celebration. She asked for a paisley design and she selected the one she liked best from a variety I found online. It's really nice to get to do something more "grown up" every now and then. Design credit goes to I hope her friend enjoyed the cupcakes!!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Julia's Graduation Party!

My niece Julia was accepted to all her choice schools. Her number one choice is Arcadia University and in a few short weeks, she will be moving into her "triple." I am very proud of her and her academic accomplishments. Julia has been an outstanding student all her life. Her art is phenomenal. Her work content is so impressive, you'd think she's already been to college and back. Last night, I watched her and her friends. They all have this fresh look about them, it's the time of their lives to all have this fresh start at the same time & for most, to go separate ways and chase their dreams. As an adult, I know many of don't take that chance at 18 but the chance to start fresh & chase your dreams is on any given day. Just seems harder to do if you wait. I was honored to have made her cupcakes as requested. I always hoped she would ask me and when she did, it made me feel special in her life. The dessert spread at this party was incredible. I was happy to contribute in a small personal way. Julia will be across state lines and living the college experience and surely make us very proud at Arcadia! Julia, if you ever read this, I hope you already feel how much I love you and support all the chasing you do, your dreams are not that far away!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dive into these Cupcakes!

Logan is one of my daughter's best friends. He is such a great friend but more than that, he is a unique, smart, fun, inventive ("Loganisms")and great boy who just celebrated his 8th Birthday! His Mom, Janeth, is one of my great friends who with her husband, Eddie make Logan feel the love everyday but even moreso on his birthday celebrations! It was really such a pleasure working on his cupcakes and cupcake "cake." We joke that Logan is part fish. He has a backyard pool and in the water all the time! Over time, we've seen him become a natural in the water, wearing flippers and even his very own mermaid tail! Seeing him swim with it on is really a treat! His love of the water and mermaids, inspired the toppers I made for his pool cupcake cake. The kids enjoyed the cupcakes as I was so lucky to witness first hand. Happy Birthday dear Logan! Our family loves you and we are happy to enjoy this day with you! XOXO