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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloweeney cupcakes for some great Hosts!

Invited to a neighbor's house later today for a Halloween party and tomorrow in Centerport for pumpkin carving with my "sista" and family & friends. It's probably my last cupcake bake in my old kitchen. Nothing scary about that!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Quinn Made a Rainy Day Sky Fill with Rainbows!

Welcome to the world Baby Quinn! Your Mom and Dad have been patiently awaiting your arrival. You are healthy and beautiful and already very loved. They are new to this whole parenting thing, so go easy on them. Can't wait to meet you!

Emma's Big Day

Cathie asked for these cupcakes so long ago and I am glad to deliver these sweet treats for her daughter Emma. The request was her name, an iphone and the word Dancing. The batter is tye dye, which has suddenly become very popular again! I hope that these cupcakes make her day even more special. Emma got her braces off today and I bet she'll be smiling before these even get to her!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Gavin's Wrestling Ring Cupcake cake!

My friend Colleen has her hands full in October with her kids' birthdays being back to back. Gavin wanted a cupcake cake for his 8th Birthday Party with his friends. Colleen emailed me a couple of pictures of the wrestling ring Gavin wanted. I was so excited as this is a first time for a wrestling theme in my experience! The logo is made of fondant and white chocolate. The chocolate cupcakes were baked so perfectly consistent in size, I was actually in awe of how pretty they looked absolutely plain and then I had to coat them with lots of icing. I baked four too many for this ring so I made sure to swirl red icing on those and give to Colleen separately. The poles were an issue since the fondant was not cooperative staying upright and the string I used as "rope" would sink into them. I asked Colleen is would be all right to dip pretzel rods into dark chocolate and she was so excited. Not only were the "poles" now upright but consistent in size and oh so yummy to indulge as I had made plenty of them in the process. The string was the only challenge as it was not easy to keep it all snug. In the end, I love the outcome and so did Gavin. Another successful cupcake event with Colleen. Thank you for being so loyal and excited with me!! Happy 8th Birthday!!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Oh Campbell, you are Mmm Mmm Good!

Little Miss Campbell turns TWO years old today! She will be celebrating with her beautiful family and friends. I had the pleasure of spending a little time with her and she is a sweet active little girl with a big smile and all the girlie characteristics one envisions when told they are having a girl. She is snuggly, and has a sweet soft voice and when she's playful, she likes to be theatrical. LOL I know how much joy she brings her grandmother, my good friend Sissy. I know her twos will be far from terrible because she is pure joy!

"K" is for Kayla!

My friend Colleen has a busy month in October as her kids' birthdays are literally back to back. Kayla is up first and she requested RAINBOW battered cupcakes. I hope you can see the bright beauties through the cupcake liner. They are colorful and a surprise with each bite. The toppers are alternate white chocolate initials and lavender fondant ribbons and little white sprinkles. All custom designed by Kayla herself! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAYLA!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Frozen Cupcakes!

These Frozen themed cupcakes were made for my good friend Sue's niece, Gianna who turned FIVE years old. She requested one dozen vanilla and one dozen chocolate chip. I was happy to make these for her as she celebrates her birthday with her beautiful family.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Up Up and Away!

The celebration for Cathie's girls continue with the cupcakes shared at school. All vanilla cupcakes with orange and pink icing and homemade balloon banners. Happy Birthday!! Banners are a great alternative for adding a special touch especially in school districts with restrictions. In Cathie's school district, no fondant is permitted.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Colorful Cupcakes!

Cathie ordered cupcakes for her family celebration for her daughter's birthdays. Emma wanted rainbow or tye dye cupcakes. I wish I had a picture of the colorful layers inside these beauties....Melissa wanted orange colored icing with pink bows. Hope their day was as vibrant and fun as these treats are!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Oktoberfest 2014!

My good friend Emma and her family are having an Oktoberfest celebration. Oktoberfest originated in Munich, Germany. A 16 day feast of sausages, pretzels and of course, beer. Emma requested Oktoberfest themed cupcakes and I was so excited as soon as I found this gorgeous design online. Credit to Craftsy. Laced up your dirndl dress and grab a stein! The original design had a foamy beer mug that I just couldn't nail down so I went with just the pretty cultured braids and dress and pretzels. Emma was delighted when she saw the pretzels as the party includes a pretzel bar! Oh the fun parties my cupcakes get to attend! Danke shen Emma for having faith in me.