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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Adventure Time Cupcakes for James!

These cupcakes were made for James 8th Birthday. His theme was Adventure Time and his mother Kathya made sure to book these way in advance. It takes much more work when there are so many characters to represent a theme. I made some of the fondant toppers with wafer paper and edible ink to create the logo and other cool images I found during my research. These vanilla and chocolate cupcakes were given the two thumbs up by the birthday boy himself! Happy Birthday James!

You're Gonna Hear me Roarrrr!

My friend Sue just turned 40 and her husband Russ threw her a great party. These chocolate and chocolate chip cupcakes were adorned with some personalized banners and "cougar" paws. It was fun to make these and got the green light from the birthday girl herself. These were the first time I have ever seen my cupcakes "guarded" at a party but that's another story....... Sue has been such a good friend to me but really, she is a good friend to everyone. Sue is a volunteer at just about every function at school, she's on the PTA, she teaches Religion Instruction, she is a Girl Scout leader, and even volunteers at a preschool her children no longer attend! She is a Mother to two young kids and could easily waive the work it takes to show up everywhere in the community wearing a smile and eager to help. I personally have had Sue help my family during a difficult time after Hurricane Sandy. Sue showed up at my home with a minivan FULL to help them. She doesn't rest unless she knows she's contributed her time and/or assistance. The example she sets for her kids is extraordinary. I feel so proud to be in her circle of friends, to share her birthday with her and all the people that care about her.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Keep giving till we find a Cure!

My friend Janeth is lucky enough to work for a company that is giving back to help find a cure for breast cancer. She is taking these vanilla cupcakes that are sprinkled with more than just pink sugar crystals, they were made with lots of love. I thought about some special women in my life as I topped each one with the symbolic pink ribbon. I hope these bring in some $$$ because every cent may help lead us to a cure. A big Thank You to Janeth and her co-workers that are making a difference.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Monster High Meets Monster Golf!

It's Karalina's 7th Birthday and her Mom, Angela, contacted me to order these Monster High themed cupcakes for Karalina's Birthday party at Monster Golf. I love this theme and so happy to make cupcakes and see them enjoyed personally! Karalina is a Monster High fan and I used fondant and edible paper for the logo and colored fondant for the plaid discs and teethy lips. Angela did not forget the parents who attend the party with the guilt free bite sized minis. Everyone enjoyed the chocolate chip Babycakes and it really was a pleasure for me. The girls my daughter is friends with are a special bunch, I baked these with LOVE. Happy Birthday Karalina!

More Minnies for Melissa!

Melissa's Birthday has been celebrated all weekend! These vanilla cupcakes are adorned with my fondant Minnie Mouse toppers since Melissa loves Minnie Mouse so much. I hope her second round of celebrating with her family was as great as her school party! Happy Birthday Melissa!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Minnie Mouse for your Mouth!

These vanilla cupcakes adorned with fondant ears and bow and big round polka dot sprinkles were made for Melissa for her birthday celebration at her school. Cathie, Melissa's mom, sent me a picture of very similar cupcakes....I do not have a source to credit the design. Melissa is a big Minnie Mouse fan and getting another batch in a couple of days for another birthday party! Happy Birthday Melissa!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Pirates & Princesses!

Trish ordered these adorable cupcakes for her twins' birthday celebrations this week at school and with family. It was the first time I did a pirate theme and it was so much fun! It was great to deliver and see the celebrant's reactions, all smiles and thank yous! Always feels good when I get the thumbs up from the kids themselves. Ahoy Mateys, may your royal birthday be a blast!!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Slumber Party Cupcakes!

Brand new customer, Gina, found Babycakes through our school district and I'm so happy she did! I've been so excited about this order because it's the first time I've been asked to do a slumber party theme. Gina's daughter, Ali is turning FIVE and celebrating with her friends at her first slumber party! Gina sent me the image of what she wanted (design credit goes to Cake Central) and I went nuts when I saw how adorable the toppers were! I couldn't wait to make them! I hope Ali and her friends all have Sweet Dreams after partying and eating these special cupcakes! Happy 5th Birthday Ali!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Family Cupcakes!

Brand new customer, Cathie, placed orders for her daughters' birthdays next month but got so enthusiastic in browsing the blog that she couldn't wait for the special dates to have Babycakes with her family. Cathie is surprising her family with this special batch that was even a surprise to her. Why? Well, Cathie asked me to create ANYTHING I wanted. No theme and no event. Sometimes I wish for this kind of freedom but it was a little tough because I've never met this family. What is their taste? What are their interests? I only had their first names and daughters' ages to go with. I made a fondant stick figure family (like what you see on the back of minivans) and noticed on Cathie's Facebook info that her anniversary was in November. Cathie's reaction was GREAT! She was so excited and eager to show her unsuspecting family their treats! I love when customers are excited about my custom work. It gets my wheels turning and helps my creativity. Hope the rest of the family loved the batch as much as Cathie! See you next month!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Made with Giant Love for Ry Ry!

It's Birthday season for Ryan (aka Ry Ry)! He's not just a football fan, he is now a football player that loves to wear his protective gear around the house. Ryan is growing up to be such a fine young boy. He always has that sweet smile and is so great with his cousins (my kids). Ryan is a great artist and has handwriting that can pass for a font you'd select when typing something. He is a kind friend and makes his family very proud. Happy Birthday Ryan! Hope these cupcakes you share with your class produce GIANT smiles all around! XOXO

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cupcake Surprise for Nick!

Trish contacted me with a cupcake request for her son Nick. Poor lil Nick broke his nose and she wanted to give him a cheerful treat. She asked me to make cupcakes themed Toy Story. I love delivering cupcakes and seeing the recipient's delight. This melted my hear. Lil Nick's bruised eyes and nose made me so sad but his smile was wide and his excitement could not be contained. I'm always making cupcakes for birthdays and parties and it felt good to know his day was that more special because his Mom thought of something so original and sweet. Get Well soon Nick!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Thank You Lunch Crew at Sparke!

My son just started Kindergarten and it will be the beginning of many firsts. He will be making new friends and following a new routine, getting adjusted to the longer day and all the new atmosphere that school is. It will also be the first time him and I are not lunch companions and that is a biggee for us. I volunteered this week at the school to assist with duties in the lunchroom. I was greeted with warm smiles from the regulars, the women who work the lunchroom year after year. How come I've never noticed them before? How did I not think to meet them when my daughter was just starting out? I did not opt to volunteer when it meant bringing my son along so being at the school for lunch time was MY first and eye opening. The Lunch Crew have so many responsibilities. Not only do they guide the kids to their seats, and help them poke straws inside their little juice boxes, they soothe the teary ones, they walk the ones who need to go to the bathroom, they encourage and joke with the ones who eat very slowly, and of course always keep the kids seated -- not easy! The kids are full of energy and loud and somehow the ladies are all at ease and speaking in gentle tones while scrambling for the safety scissors to cut open those tubed yogurts. We often send our kids to school after that sweet peck goodbye and imagine them at their desks, sitting on the carpet for storytime and waiting on lines in the hallways. Some of the kids are so well mannered and look like little kindergarten pros while others are bouncing around thinking they are already in recess! A blend of personalities and all innocent. Seeing them finally get a chance to talk to each other out of the classroom. How some of them devour their favorite goodies with Mom's little notes and heart shaped sandwiches. It was a great volunteering experience and it really helped me to appreciate the crew working in the kitchen and in the eating area. If you have a chance, go visit your school cafeteria and lend a hand. Even wiping down tables in between lunch slots was appreciated. Go to your school cafeteria and THANK the crew. I think they are sometimes overlooked and they really are there for a big part of our kids' day. Thank you so much Sparke Lunch Crew!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Phoebe's 4th Birthday!

New customer, Michele contacted me and asked me to bake cupcakes for her daughter Phoebe. Phoebe is celebrating her FOURTH birthday and the theme is mermaids! I made mermaids the first year I started Babycakes and then again in my third year. They are very different designs but Michele liked them both and wanted to mix it up a bit. I used the latter design but made the mermaids' tail much more like the original one in Babycakes' first year. I love this design! Michele also wanted a batch of magic wands. She emailed me a picture of a seashell wands with long straight ribbons and also wanted starfish wands. I like the way they look. These vanilla and chocolate mermaid and wands are headed to Phoebe's tonight for her celebration tomorrow. I sure hope this little birthday girl loves these as much as I do! Happy Birthday Phoebe!

The Need for Speed!

I am Speed. I am Speed....Sorry folks, there's nothing speedy about preparing these custom favors for my son Chase's Birthday celebration. The checkered background takes time to make but so worth it. Chase is still a Pixar Cars fanatic and had a party at place in our neighborhood, Fantazy Junction and the theme was "The Need for Speed." Chase is almost SIX years old. He's a sweet happy boy and always so affectionate. He makes our home complete. He's had a challenging year but amazes me with his spirit and determination. My "baby bear" is growing up. He's in school full day this year and off to the races! LOL I made a the familiar logo for his name and age and we packed these up as favors for his guests. I'm guessing they were eaten pretty speedy though!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

School Day Surprise!

Brand new customer, Tamara, asked me to make a batch of cupcakes for her kids as a little School Day Surprise! Her daughter wanted Hello Kitty and her son, Legos. You see, cupcakes can really make someone feel special!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy First Birthday!

Surf's up! It was such a pleasure to make these cupcakes for new customer, Chrissy. Her son turned ONE and she went with a surfing beach theme. Watch out for the sharks!

Sum Sum Sum Sum Sum Sum Summertime!

In the Summer of 2012,I was asked to make cupcakes to kick off the summer. It's now 2013, and I was asked to make Summer cupcakes for a Block Party just as it's coming to an end. Lindsay, a loyal customer, contacted me and gave me specific colors and selected items for the theme and I loved her idea about a red solo cup! So clever, so witty!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Tickled Pink!

Repeat customer, Karen, contacted me because she and her friends were having a small party for themselves and their daughters and the theme is PINK! A little pre party just before school starts. I love the idea that everything would be pink and fun. The menu consists of a watermelon salad, shrimp cocktail, pink lemonade, pasta in pink sauce, etc....The girls will munch on these little girlie pink Babycakes while the adult moms enjoy champagne cupcakes! A sweet and delightful way to spend a Friday night in the summer!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Follow me, I'll feed you cupcakes!

Made my second promo book recently and really love to see the beautiful creations I've made over the past few years and it feels so good to tap into my creativity and it makes so many kids, parents and friends happy! I've had this blog for a few years now, I document everything I've baked from the very beginning and if you've followed me, you can see how far I've come. Every order, big or small gets its story told here on Babycakes, the blog. Some of my customers have even told me they print it out as part of the keepsake of the event. It's a great starting point too for deciding on a design and seeing what I can do. Thank you so much for the support you've shown if you are not new to the blog. It has meant so much to me and I know who you are! If you are new to this blog, please take a minute to "follow" me. It would be great to gain some momentum and some support.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Good Luck Tom!

My friend Michele is so thoughtful. I can tell you first hand what a pleasure it is to work with her and how much she contributes not only to the task at hand but to the moral of the people she works beside. Her office manager is moving on, starting a new career path as a carpenter and she wanted to make sure that he knew how much he'd be missed. It's a wonderful feeling to know you matter to someone and my friend Michele knows just how to convey to Tom how much he's been appreciated, and wish him all the best in his new endeavor!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Riley's Drive In Party!

There's a swanky little theatre in Bayside, NY called "Riley's Drive In." The guests at Riley's SEVENTH Birthday Party were treated to feature film, Cars as they sat in their little custom cardboard cars and ate popcorn under the stars. Riley's Mom, Korrine is so creative. She found some ideas on a blog and had her backyard transformed into a drive in theatre to celebrate Riley's big day. It was so much fun making a dual theme of movies and Cars for the cupcakes. She promised pictures and hoping I can add more of what it all looked like after she posts some. I love home parties with the attention to detail and creativity! I say this birthday was a blockbuster!