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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?

That's exactly what I did for new customer, Debbie who requested Olaf for her daughter's Frozen themed birthday party. Debbie's daughter, Julianna, just turned FOUR years old and like so many little ones fell in love with quirky, silly snowman named Olaf from the Disney smash hit Frozen. Debbie purchased a plain cake from BJ's and I made the homemade fondant toppers to adorn it. In all the time that I have been doing Babycakes, I have been asked so many times, "Do you make cakes as well or just cupcakes?" My answer is always the same. I wish I could make cakes. I stick to cupcakes. This was so easy and it never occurred to me to offer just the toppers to add to a plain cake, made by someone else! Genius idea! Thank you Debbie! Debbie also had "snowballs" at her party that looked like cottony soft balls but once you held it, it felt like a real snowball. Clever prop at her Frozen party. Some Moms go all out for their kids and Debbie certainly did! Oh and by the way, I did make vanilla Olaf cupcakes as well...... Happy Birthday Julianna, I know your birthday was a lot of fun and you are a lucky girl!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

On My Honor....

My good friend, Janeth is her son's den leader for his cub scout troop. Her son Logan and his fellow scouts were having their last meeting and everyone was going to bring a little something. Janeth ordered these custom vanilla cupcakes! I already heard they were a hit and happy about that. These hungry little cubs enjoyed them!!

Friday, June 6, 2014

A Dr. Seuss Birthday!!

Faviola contacted me when her she was pregnant over a year ago. I did her baby shower cupcakes, her son's baptism cupcakes and tomorrow he will be celebrating his FIRST birthday with these vanilla, chocolate and chocolate chip cupcakes all adorned with Dr. Seuss toppers! There were many ways to go with this theme. Faviola selected three types of toppers. The classic books that we all love even as adults, the staple hat that Dr.Seuss' cat wears and the Thing 1 and Thing 2 toppers. She decided to box them herself so she could hand out as favors for her party guests. I had lots of fun with this order and the smiling I did was constant. Happy FIRST Birthday Ryan!

Morgan's 4th Birthday!

My good friend Donna is always so full of energy and positivity. When she asked me to make cupcakes for her daughter Morgan's4th birthday parties, it was my pleasure! Donna wanted to hand out favors at the party but more than that she wanted to really make each one personal. I made fondant banners for each guest's name and little home made crafty banners that read Morgan's 4th Birthday. The boys got spiderman and the girls got a pretty butterfly and teeny flower. I topped them with green icing for neutral measure and I loved the outcome. Very precise spelling and ideas over texts and phone calls and this order was easy breezy! Morgan is just like her Mom to me. Always has a giant personality and contagious spirit. Happy Birthday lil one!!

Surprise 40th for Robyn!

I was mass texted by some ladies I did not know. My cell acts up with mass texts and at first it was hard to reach these ladies since my texts kept failing. Anyway, Susie and Ivy were requesting cupcakes for loyal repeat customer, Robyn who was approaching her 40th birthday. These ladies wanted to get monogrammed themed cupcakes with chosen colors of green and pink for her celebration at Andrea 25 in Woodbury, N.Y. They ordered two dozen cupcakes. I was so excited since Robyn has always been the one doing the ordering for her relatives and friends. They chose chocolate and vanilla flavors and the order was simple. Only less than 48 hours later I was contacted to make sure these would be "favors." I panicked! I always need to order favor boxes in advance from my supplier and it takes 4 days to ship to my home. I counted what I had and luckily I was able to meet their last minute request. The restaurant was decorated so nicely and they even had a little candy bar all set up with Robyn's pictures. Robyn is so lucky to have great women planning her special night! Happy 40th Birthday Robyn!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

"C" is for Cookie..........

It's Evan's birthday and his parents made sure everything edible was absolutely beautiful and perfect and of course yummy! My first time making Cookie Monster cupcakes and she paired those with her own Elmo cake and other delicious party eats! Thank you for sharing your personal pictures with me. It is always my pleasure to make those little ones smile and Evan gave me just that!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVAN!!!