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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Flower Power!

Had a blast making these for little Miss Talia who just turned ONE!!  This is the second time I made any fondant flowers (using punchers) but this time made centers for the flowers and it kicked it up a notch for sure.  So much more dimension, I'm learning as I go.  These are all vanilla cupcakes with chocolate chips and creamy vanilla frosting.  I am very eager to see the photos taken of these since Talia's mother, Shira Zimmerman, is one of the most talented photographers I've ever met.  Her friend was lending her a tower to use for display and I am dreaming of the pictures she will take!!  Hoping to post some when I get em....

Play On.....

These are so simple but yet have that WOW factor to them because everyone can relate to playing with  LEGOS.  They are an old school favorite and nowadays even have little figures are you see here!  The molds (some are not available in the US and had to purchase on ebay) are made of silicone and all I did was melt colored chocolate candy melts and chilled and here you go!!  The recipient of these babycakes is Alex who is turning 7 and is a LEGOS fanatic!  His Mom is going all out and even traveled to the Grand Opening of the LEGOS store to find more party ideas.  Talk about building something together......

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Someone's getting Married!!

Aren't these so pretty?  I am so happy with the outcome of these cupcakes adorned with colored homemade fondant flowers.  I purchased some fondant punchers and finally got a chance to use them for a surprise bridal shower being held for a young adult librarian, Liz.  The library is like a second home to my son Chase and whenever we are there, everyone knows him by name and they have a warm welcoming smile.  I often take out cupcakes books and before you know it, everyone there knew of my new endeavor and asked me to prepare a batch to celebrate Miss Liz's upcoming nuptials!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Untamed Cupcakes

These have already been called "crazy" on my Facebook page from someone who doesn't know the story behind them or that I have also nicknamed them CRAZY. 
I was asked to make zebra print handbag cupcakes for a good friend who would be bringing them along to a graduation party.  It was my first attempt at freehand animal print and very first attempt at a mini handbag which you can find all over the web.  I felt confident and took on the challenge.  The animal print cake tattoos (by Ace of Cakes' Duff) was a brand new product line featured in a baking supply store I was at so I snatched them up thinking it would be the perfect companion to the homemade zebra print hangbag on the cupcake in zebra cupcake liners (not visible in this photo) forgetting completely to Keep it Simple or that Less is More.  Well, it was almost midnight before I assembled all elements together and all I kept thinking was these are CRAZY and overkill.
I started to panic and tried to reassure myself that it was late, I was tired and perhaps looking and staring at something for so long was just making me over react.  Keep on reading to see what I did next! (Scroll below to Older Post and click on it).

Conservative version

I baked a second batch of the vanilla chocolate chip cupcakes at 1:35 AM in attempts to "tame" the wild version I had made previously.....Turns out these were called the conservative version!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


It's always fun baking for kids!  These Backyardigan cupcakes are for a little girl named Lindsey.  Everyone knows how much I love that name!!  Anyway, I thought they would look great against the "grassy backdrop" and really happy with the outcome but have to admit some of their features were a bit challenging.  I went shopping at my local baking supply store for another order and found these edible eyeballs!  It saved me a bit of time since there were many colors to mix & liked the fact that they are edible! 
These Backyardigans are ready to party in Bethpage, NY today!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

So Grateful!!

I am very grateful to have my brother Billy close by and get to celebrate his birthday with him every year!  I wanted to create something for him that was all HIM.  He loves music, I think it always transcends him when he listens to his favorite bands.  My brother recently had a business trip and needed to rent a car.  He programmed the radio system to play all Grateful Dead tunes while he drove.  These are the things I really dig about Billy.  Sometimes you can step into his house and hear The Beatles which my neice and nephew recognize for sure.  I am certain that when they are older and living on their own, they will be thinking of him when they hear certain types of music.  Anyway, he is my big brother and I love him with all my heart and hope this makes him feel that.  Happy Birthday Billy!  Pretty glad with the outcome of the cupcake cake (2nd one ever made by me!!) but notice I need practice on my lettering big time!!

Is it really Cupcakes?

Here is Wow Wow Wubbzy again but this time in a form of my very first Cupcake Cake.  While surfing the web looking for inspiration and doing research, I found that cupcake cakes are kind of the newest cupcake trend.  It's cake like because you can have a bigger design and message and use many candles but yet all the portions are already individualized (is that even a word?) and kids can actually self serve!!  This was my very first but made another right after and like the variation!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wow Wow Wubbzy!

When a friend from high school contacted me about baking her son cupcakes for his birthday, I didn't think I would be stunted so easily.  I had never heard of Wow Wow Wubbzy so I watched the preschool show with my kids and then I could see how a child could fall in love with this cute little charector.  I made fondant discs and fondant Wubbzy balls but drew each Wubbzy onto the fondant with chocolate frosting using the smallest piping tip I have.  These are chocolate with homemade marshmellow fondant.  I hope these create a WOW reaction when they are served up at school!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bakerella Inspired

My next door neighbor requested cupcakes for her daughter's First Communion a couple months back.  I knew this would be the type of occasion that my tower could finally be used and remembered the particular blog I had read just before purchasing my was from Bakerella (and she used her tower for a communion!).  I sent my neighbor the blog itself and she liked the color combination and even gave out brown and pink invites.  Lauren is a very friendly little girl who is growing up before our eyes and it was a treat to be able to add to this special event.  God Bless Lauren and her warm loving family.
I had some trouble with the brown fondant crosses & my husband stepped in to help me so I have to give him credit.  He made each and every one of them and did it with ease!  I may have a partner now!!  Thanks to the wonderful inspiration of Bakerella, a baking goddess and my wonderful husband who answered my prayers when I had difficulty.  The weekend was perfect weather wise here in New York and I'm happy that the parties that I baked for were successful.
As promised, here is The Very Hungry Caterpillar himself!  These cupcakes were made for a special little girl named Samantha who consistently requests this book read to her at night.  Her Mom decided it would be the perfect theme for her 2nd birthday party.  I made two dozen chocolate cupcakes (the body) and one dozen vanilla cupcakes (his eats that are part of the story) and made his head out of vanilla as well.  I displayed them on a pink board and it came together nicely with little fondant feet and antennas too!  My family did attend the party but were not able to stay for the entire time and wish we could have witnessed the delight of all that indulged in this very healthy critter.  I got some very sweet responses today and I feel so rewarded!  Happy Birthday Samantha!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Very Hungry Caterpillar keeps eating and eating.......

These are for Samantha's 2nd birthday and the theme, of course, is The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.  The story is about curiousity, development and growth!  The caterpillar is still "digesting" so I will snap some pics of it at the actual party later on and post when I arrive back home.