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Monday, August 25, 2014

Surprise Scott is 60!

Lindsay (aka solo cup) is such a sweet repeat customer. She is also a wonderful daughter to request custom cupcakes with some personal and humorous cupcakes for her Dad, Scott's very special evening with his friends and family to celebrate his 60th birthday. The cupcakes tell us a little bit about Scott. He is infamous for his head of hair and for drinking coffee. His family and friends would recognize these staple symbols right away. Lindsay went all out in planning this big night, it was all going to be a surprise to her Dad. She was buzzing with excitement when she came to pick these 5 dozen cupcakes up from me. She used my displays. Here is a picture she took! Happy 60th Birthday Scott!

Ahoy Mates! It's Luke's Birthday!

Luke is such a sweet boy who also happens to be my son's buddy. His Mom, Donna, is the kind of person that is constantly thinking of ways to make her little ones happy. She is an awesome Mom and also happens to be my friend too! Donna asks for Jake and the Neverland pirates to be the cupcake theme for Luke's birthday party celebration. It was a first for me and I negotiated a bit since characters are challenging for me. She wanted individual favors so the girls got the pink skulls and the boys got the black ones. Luke got Jake and his little sister got the female pirate. Why is this one of my favorite families? Because they ARHHHHHHH!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Frozen Cupcakes for Charlotte!

Deihdra lives in New Jersey but has ordered Babycakes regardless of the distance, thanks to her sister Laura who delivers them to her directly for me. Deihdra's daughter Charlotte is celebrating a birthday and her theme is Frozen, a recent Disney favorite. I was nervous for many reasons, the summer heat and the distance and the fact that I never attempted to make Anna or Elsa character cupcakes before. Deihdra had plenty of faith in me and so here is the outcome. Thanks to for the design, I was able to "copycat" her vision. Because character cupcakes are so time consuming and difficult for me, I did the majority in snowflakes which Deihdra agreed to so I thank her very much! Laura & her family made the long trip to celebrate with Charlotte and I hope it all came together. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLOTTE!!

Logan Loves Minions!

Amanda has two beautiful kids. When she requested Minion (Despicable Me) cupcakes for her son Logan's birthday party, it was my pleasure. Amanda wanted individually boxed favors to hand out to guests as well as cupcakes to serve. When I delivered the cupcakes, I wish I had my camera with me. Logan was dressed in a minion shirt that melted my heart. Adorable boy! I posted this after hearing a wonderful review so I can safely say the cupcakes were a hit! Happy Birthday Logan and thank you to Amanda for your kindness.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ahoy! Naughty Sailor Cupcakes!

I loved this theme because the majority of the work I do is G Rated. I get very excited making something out of the box. Tracy (a friend of a friend) contacted me for cupcakes for her friend Heather who is having her bachelorette party in Fire Island, NY. The theme is "Naughty Sailor" and I was kind of stumped. She told me that she wanted a nautical theme with some "naughtiness." SHe gave me the green light to be "raunchy" but I only made one.....see below. So happy these cupcakes are headed to my favorite island of all time, Fire Island, NY! These girls are going to indulge in these custom cupcakes to celebrate Heather!