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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Back to Back Birthdays!

It was so great to get together with good friends from the west coast...they are like extended family and three cousins are about to celebrate a birthday this week. There's Emily, who celebrates her birthday on the 3rd. Aron, who celebrates on the 2nd and Ron who's birthday is on the 1st. There was plenty of family there so made simple but elegant cupcakes and fondant toppers for the celebrants.

Friday, October 28, 2011


What girl doesn't like a little sparkle? My friend, Kristine, is hosting a lia sophia party and asked me to attend with cupcakes. Original idea was to make pieces of jewelry to adorn the tops of these vanilla babycakes but time was not on my side this week. I had prior orders to fulfill and the best I could do was add some edible shiny dragees and homemade banners.
This will be my first lia sophia party and really looking forward to seeing my dear friend and having a fun girl night out!
If any of you would like to see what lia sophia has to offer, I included the information for you.

Rebecca Greenberg
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Treats - to - Go!

My friend, Olimpia, asked me to make Halloween cupcakes "to-go!" Her son, Mathew, attends preschool and you know the kids come home with candy filled goody bags in addition to what they'll get when trick or treating on Halloween. Olimpia decided to think "outside the box" and get cupcakes in the box so they'd get em at school but enjoy them at home....just like favors from a party! I vote for individually boxed cupcakes over bags of candy any day!
Sorry for the dark pictures, it was gloomy out and I use natural light for most of my shots and had about 90 seconds to photograph before meeting Olimpia & Mathew.
I hope Mathew and his friends enjoyed their portable treats!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Josephine!

Last year, RoseAnne contacted me so she could surprise Josephine with cupcakes at her salon, Elegant, in Oyster Bay. RoseAnne sounded so proud of her and really wanted to add to the salon's grand opening. RoseAnne is still actively supporting and expressing love for Josephine as she requested cupcakes again as a surprise on Josephine's birthday. I made vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate initials, "J," and fall colored flowers. I love the way the flowers look in these colors since I usually make them for kids and the colors are bright and pastels. I hope everyone enjoys them!
Being a part of surprises and helping to make someone's day shine is what this is all about for me. Happy Birthday Josephine!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Let's Read!

I have the most thoughtful people in my life. My best friend, Stacey & I got together yesterday for a super quick cuppa and she put this adorably wrapped (notice the cupcake tissue paper?) book in the car for my kids' new "library!" My kids were so excited and we read it last night and quickly called to say Thank You to their Aunt Stacey.
I was excited too because of the theme and it has an added at the end of the funny story! Thanks again, I couldn't help but post the cuteness.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

(Not so) Creepy Cupcakes!

When Nancy contacted me and requested Babycakes for Cooper's Halloween themed Birthday party, I was thrilled and excited to try out new designs. I got most of my inspiration from edible details fondant creations and random magazine covers at the supermarket. When I made cupcakes for Cooper's party last year, it was my first time ever designing with Halloween in mind and really glad I was asked to make them again for him. I have some upcoming orders for Halloween & can't wait to bake em!
Happy 7th Birthday Cooper!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Caeley's Christening

Beata and Michael's daughter Caeley is a very lucky baby girl. She has such loving and devoted parents.
I was very pleased to bake cupcakes for Caeley's Christening. Along with the blossom cupcakes to match the invite, Beata requested a dozen pumpkin cupcakes topped with fresh cream cheese frosting and mixed chocolate and vanilla cupcakes without fondant. Although I was unable to meet sweet Caeley, my husband and kids were able to attend and all spoke of how beautiful Caeley is and what a great time they had. God Bless you Caeley Jill!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hay Hay's Day!

It's Hayden's 9th Birthday! My nephew, Hayden has got to have the best smile in the whole world. Everytime I see him, he instantly smiles and my heart melts. It's the first birthday he is celebrating since moving to NY and he'll be surrounded by new friends and family on his day.
Since moving to NY, he has become quite the athlete. He plays basketball, football and is always on the go. He isn't on a hockey team (yet) but his party will include ice skating.
Happy Birthday Hayden!! Thank you for always looking for ways to make us feel good when we're around you..... We are so lucky to have you in our family & we love you so much!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice....

A baby shower! My best friend, Stacey, asked me to make chocolate, vanilla and chocolate chip cupcakes for her cousin's baby shower. The baby to-be is a girl so it was fun to broadcast it with cupcakes. Congratulations to Catherine & Tommy!