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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Turning 50 and still loving the 80s!

My Friend Emma asked me to make cupcakes for her Uncle Ed's 50th Birthday celebration. She expressed how much her Uncle loved the 80s and I was very excited to make these for this special occasion. Happy 50th Birthday Ed!

Summa time!

These beachy themed cupcakes were made for loyal customer Cathie for her block party today. She always gives me great themes to work with and a pleasure to bake for. Today, besides the warm welcome I always get when I arrive with cupcakes, she gave me a little homemade picture holder. I put my business card in it for now. How adorable is that and it made me feel very special. Thank you so much Cathie!!

Saturday, August 8, 2015


These Avengers cupcakes were made for my friend Amanda who is celebrating her son's 4th birthday today! I arrived to find the whole family wearing their Avengers tee shirts. Such an adorable family! I have to admit that I am not very knowledgeable about the Avenger characters so thanks to my husband, I didn't include heroes like Spiderman or Batman here. I love working on themes especially for kids that you just won't find at your local bakery. Thank you to Amanda who always has faith in me and a very HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY to Logan who is growing up way too fast!

A "Tiffany's" Themed Shower!

Late to post. These vanilla cupcakes were made for my friend Melissa for her sister's Tiffany themed shower. I love the way the little white bows came out and how everyone instantly knows the iconic Tiffany blue color. I really hope they were a hit and that everyone enjoyed them!