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Thursday, October 27, 2016

50th Birthday Cupcakes for Danielle!

Baby Naming....Brielle

New customer Yamit contacted me and had a very special celebration for her adorable daughter, Brielle. Dontcha love that name? Well, the special celebration her Baby Naming. I must admit, I never heard of a celebration such as this but I can tell it was very detailed and beautiful when I arrived with these Babycakes.

Surprise Vacation Reveal for the Twins' 9th Bday!

My good friend Janet is always thinking up ways to make every day special for her twins, Louis and Gina. This year, they are traveling to Disney in November for a fun family vacation and they are going to find out at their birthday party aka the big reveal! My cupcakes were part of the secret. How can she ever top this!

Karalina's 10th Birthday!

Made these for a special girl that is friends with my daughter, a fellow Girl Scout sister and all around great chick! She loves emojis and that's what she got at her bowling party.