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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Minecraft Cupcakes for Nick!

These birthday cupcakes are for Nicholas who just turned SIX and wanted the assorted variety of Minecraft cupcakes and Mom asked me to make a few Skylander ones as well. I love the colors and the way the kids recognized the characters (even though I am completely clueless what their names are!) and selected which ones would be their pick to eat up. Nicholas is such a sweet boy who is growing up before our eyes, this past year he lost his first tooth and his family got an adorable pup. I predict many good times ahead for this lucky little boy!

Bowling Party for Richie!

In the past year, "Lil Richie" and my son have become so close being in the same class. Our families get along so well and it was such a pleasure to make these bowling themed vanilla cupcakes for his 6th birthday party held at Farmingdale Lanes. The design was given tome by another customer a couple years back and was excited to make them again! The cupcakes were a hit!

I'm Back!!!!

Life shifted. Both of my kids are in school full days and while I thought this would give me more day hours to work on Babycakes, I took on a part time job for the first time outside my home in SIX years and Babycakes took a back seat. As you can see, I did fulfill some orders but made no time for the blog and the personal stories that came with each order but I am happy to say that I have carved out a new schedule and the blog is active once again! Thank you for your loyalty and for your patience while I was at my desk job! The oven is preheated and there's flour on my face once again!