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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Barter for cupcakes!

If you know me, I am a foodie. Have been for as long as I can remember. I do like cooking and tasting foods from all cultures. I am a good baker and I really truly love to do it but there are lots of things I enjoy but not so much the process. I enjoy eating cookies but not baking cookies. I get requests for cookies sometimes and I really like to leave the cookie baking to someone else, anyone else.
My neighbor, Mary offered to bake rainbow cookies and I'd bake her a dozen cupcakes. It was a deal we made and I for one was thrilled!!! The rainbow cookies were not cooperative and poor Mary was frustrated and after many attempts and much money spent, they were not meant to be. So she made me rice balls instead. I told Bobby and he was delighted! The rice balls were delivered and devoured. Yummo! I now need the recipe and keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to prepare these personally.
I delivered these cupcakes to Mary and hoping her family is enjoying them.
Have I mentioned how much I love my neighborhood? Merry Christmas Pergola Family!

Merry Christmas Rozzo Family!

The Rozzo family are my friends and also repeat customers! Here are their Christmas cupcakes. The red velvet minis are for the adults (you know you just can't eat one!!) and the Christmas themed ones are for the kiddies.
Merry Christmas Rozzo Family! I love you all and hope your family gathering was very special!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas !

A great friend of mine, Suzanne, asked me to bake for her daughter, Katie's class. She ordered traditional vanilla and when I asked for specific ideas on the fondant toppers, she said what only a handful of clients have said....."Whatever you want." I love when I get the green light to try out a new design!
As you see here, there is the gingerbread man, "Joy," and Santa's mailbox. I was inspired by Edible Details fondant creations and Lynlee's Petite Cakes. I love their designs and urge everyone to see their work!
I know Suzanne a long time and love that she is in such a good place in her life. Her family deserves all the happiness in the world. She is a generous, hard working Mom who is always looking for ways to make her daughters happy. I get a great feeling each and everytime I see or speak to her.
I hope that Katie and her class will enjoy the cupcakes on the last school day of 2011!

Mathew's Christmas Party!

My friend, Olimpia, rec'd one of her Christmas gifts early this year. She had her little daughter Isla last month and is adjusting to having two little ones. It was so great to hear from her when she contacted me to place this order for big brother Mathew at his preschool.
It was great to have new options for this time of year. So here you see a gingerbread man, a Christmas tree and Santa! First time making those and got my inspiration online from Edible Details fondant creations. Also baked the top three requested flavors. Traditional vanilla, chocolate and chocolate chip.
Thank you 'Limpy!" God Bless your growing family!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Go Bulldogs! Long Beach Football!

My cousin, Denise asked me to bake some cupcakes for her son Hayden's football team, the Bulldogs. Although the Bulldogs did not win the championship of their division, it was the first time the nine year olds made it that far! Long Beach, NY is home to these Bulldogs and as far as we're concerned, they are all true champs! The team is having a party and my cousin thought these vanilla cupcakes would be a nice touch(down).

The helmet design came from a new favorite blogger, Lynlee.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

When You Wish Upon a Star....

You guessed it! The Licatesi family will be headed to Disney World in 2012. It will be a dream come true to watch my kids board an airplane for the first time and be surrounded by the magic of their favorite Disney characters, ride the "Its a small world after all" ride with them and revisit my own childhood as well.
These Babycakes were prepared for our own personal "Disney expert." My friend, Janet, has visited Disney over 30 times! She doesn't even get lost when she's there. She describes it as her home away from home. I feel so lucky to have her guide us in our planning this milestone trip. I included the plane, the luggage & tags, and of course, our pals Minnie & Mickey. Thank you Janet for your advice and stress free planning!
As I researched different Disney cupcakes online, I found the most perfect one on Lynlee's Petite Cakes site of the Disney luggage. I changed it up so slightly but full credit goes to her design!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Scooby Dooby Delicious!

It's Jack's very first time hosting a birthday party as he turns FOUR years old! His Mom, Kristen, requested Scooby Doo chocolate chip cupcakes. I didn't have a whole lot of time to prepare but after researching online, I found two designs to work from and pulled it off. Thanks to Lynlee's Kid Birthday Cupcakes and Canadian Living, I was able to create these in time.
Hope Jack and his friends enjoy their "Scooby Snacks!" HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Shower!!

Jennifer contacted me and ultimately wanted Christmas themed cupcakes for her sister's bridal shower. After discussing several designs, she decided on the white chocolate snowflakes with red and green colors throughout and the girl/boy reindeer that are just smitten! Design for the reindeer was slightly altered but credit goes to Bakerella.
This order definitely put me in the Christmas spirit!!
Best wishes to your family Jennifer!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Starring................Celia Rose

Celia Rose is TEN years old! Double digits! Feels like yesterday when I got the call that she was born. I remember the first time I held her and have been lucky enough to share in some of her milestones. Her colicy months, her first Communion, and now baking for her last three birthdays. In fact, Celia was my very first birthday order!

Celia has starred in theatre productions in Smithtown, NY and has the drive to pursue acting, singing and entertaining on bigger stages. It was no surprise that she would request this theme for her birthday cupcakes. I wasn't sure if I could make theatre masks appealing or "youthful" for a birthday celebration but I know she'll love them.

“Movies will make you famous; Television will make you rich; But theatre will make you good.”
― Terrence Mann

Thursday, November 24, 2011

So much to Celebrate and be Thankful for!

The Rozzo family is made up of some of the best people I have come to know and care about. On this Thanksgiving day, it is also time for them to come together and celebrate two birthdays. One is for Grandma (Maureen) who is marking her 65th and also for their precious Emily. She just turned two this week!
Everything was covered, the turkeys, the animals, and personalized cupcakes for the birthday girls.
I hope they enjoy their special day!!! Love you guys! XOXO

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


It's that time of year again. It's so easy to get caught up in wish lists and keeping our eyes on those special items we want to go out and grab for our loved ones. Seems as soon as we are throwing out our pumpkins from Halloween, the retailers are ready for hear the music, you see the lights and of course even my kids are noticing the commercials for all the shopping, wrapping and gift giving of the season. Can we just slow down?
Thanksgiving reminds me of all the people that I am so grateful for in my life. As far as Babycakes goes, it feels so good to know that support is all around me. My endeavor has become a consistent source of creativity, a wonderful way to connect to so many other parents and finding that my family and friends have helped spread the word about my cupcake baking. I am even finding that some folks will not even consider buying at a bakery for their special occasions. I am thankful that I have found a little something that makes others happy and helps me find balance in being home with my children.
Thank you to repeat customers, to those who pitch in to help deliver. You continue to challenge me with fresh ideas and motivate me to try new techniques.
These stuffed turkeys are paired with pumpkin pie cupcakes (not shown) and making their way to a table in Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A little Taste...

New customer, Jennifer, contacted me about baking for her sister's bridal shower in a few weeks. She had seen my Babycakes blog but never tasted them. She ordered a couple dozen to get see if the presentation matched the yumminess. She ordered vanilla with vanilla frosting (the rozettes shown above with just a dash of sugar crystals) and red velvets with cream cheese frosting. I can't wait for the feedback!

Sandi's thirty one party!

It felt so good to hear from Sandi Vega. Sandi is not a new customer but asked me to partner with her thrity one home shopping parties to get some exposure and to serve as yummy treats as her guests shop. I love this idea!
It was kind of last minute so I didn't make any fondant but did make the thirty one logo (completely edible) on a couple of these delicious red velvet babycakes topped with home made cream cheese frosting.
Sandi gives off a warm fuzzy feel instantly and I hope these do too.
You can contact Sandi to host a thirty one party or if you are interested in buying a gift. Her email address is
Kristen Giglia is also a thirty one gifts consultant. Her email address is or see the goods at

Sunday, November 6, 2011

God Bless Brynn!

This is what 120 individually boxed cupcake favors look like just prior to departure! Eileen, very proud Godmother of baby Brynn, contacted me for these vanilla and strawberry cupcakes. They are adorned with scalloped circles and crosses made of homemade fondant and will be given out as favors at Brynn's Christening party.
I am having some camera issues and thought I photographed a cupcake but came up as an empty file when the time came to update the blog. UGHHHH Hoping that Eileen will email me a picture so you can see how adorable these pink and white Babycakes are!
It's always a pleasure to bake for people I truly care about!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Back to Back Birthdays!

It was so great to get together with good friends from the west coast...they are like extended family and three cousins are about to celebrate a birthday this week. There's Emily, who celebrates her birthday on the 3rd. Aron, who celebrates on the 2nd and Ron who's birthday is on the 1st. There was plenty of family there so made simple but elegant cupcakes and fondant toppers for the celebrants.

Friday, October 28, 2011


What girl doesn't like a little sparkle? My friend, Kristine, is hosting a lia sophia party and asked me to attend with cupcakes. Original idea was to make pieces of jewelry to adorn the tops of these vanilla babycakes but time was not on my side this week. I had prior orders to fulfill and the best I could do was add some edible shiny dragees and homemade banners.
This will be my first lia sophia party and really looking forward to seeing my dear friend and having a fun girl night out!
If any of you would like to see what lia sophia has to offer, I included the information for you.

Rebecca Greenberg
lia sophia Advisor
Share The Love Of Jewelry
Ask me how to get your jewelry for FREE!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Treats - to - Go!

My friend, Olimpia, asked me to make Halloween cupcakes "to-go!" Her son, Mathew, attends preschool and you know the kids come home with candy filled goody bags in addition to what they'll get when trick or treating on Halloween. Olimpia decided to think "outside the box" and get cupcakes in the box so they'd get em at school but enjoy them at home....just like favors from a party! I vote for individually boxed cupcakes over bags of candy any day!
Sorry for the dark pictures, it was gloomy out and I use natural light for most of my shots and had about 90 seconds to photograph before meeting Olimpia & Mathew.
I hope Mathew and his friends enjoyed their portable treats!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Josephine!

Last year, RoseAnne contacted me so she could surprise Josephine with cupcakes at her salon, Elegant, in Oyster Bay. RoseAnne sounded so proud of her and really wanted to add to the salon's grand opening. RoseAnne is still actively supporting and expressing love for Josephine as she requested cupcakes again as a surprise on Josephine's birthday. I made vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate initials, "J," and fall colored flowers. I love the way the flowers look in these colors since I usually make them for kids and the colors are bright and pastels. I hope everyone enjoys them!
Being a part of surprises and helping to make someone's day shine is what this is all about for me. Happy Birthday Josephine!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Let's Read!

I have the most thoughtful people in my life. My best friend, Stacey & I got together yesterday for a super quick cuppa and she put this adorably wrapped (notice the cupcake tissue paper?) book in the car for my kids' new "library!" My kids were so excited and we read it last night and quickly called to say Thank You to their Aunt Stacey.
I was excited too because of the theme and it has an added at the end of the funny story! Thanks again, I couldn't help but post the cuteness.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

(Not so) Creepy Cupcakes!

When Nancy contacted me and requested Babycakes for Cooper's Halloween themed Birthday party, I was thrilled and excited to try out new designs. I got most of my inspiration from edible details fondant creations and random magazine covers at the supermarket. When I made cupcakes for Cooper's party last year, it was my first time ever designing with Halloween in mind and really glad I was asked to make them again for him. I have some upcoming orders for Halloween & can't wait to bake em!
Happy 7th Birthday Cooper!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Caeley's Christening

Beata and Michael's daughter Caeley is a very lucky baby girl. She has such loving and devoted parents.
I was very pleased to bake cupcakes for Caeley's Christening. Along with the blossom cupcakes to match the invite, Beata requested a dozen pumpkin cupcakes topped with fresh cream cheese frosting and mixed chocolate and vanilla cupcakes without fondant. Although I was unable to meet sweet Caeley, my husband and kids were able to attend and all spoke of how beautiful Caeley is and what a great time they had. God Bless you Caeley Jill!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hay Hay's Day!

It's Hayden's 9th Birthday! My nephew, Hayden has got to have the best smile in the whole world. Everytime I see him, he instantly smiles and my heart melts. It's the first birthday he is celebrating since moving to NY and he'll be surrounded by new friends and family on his day.
Since moving to NY, he has become quite the athlete. He plays basketball, football and is always on the go. He isn't on a hockey team (yet) but his party will include ice skating.
Happy Birthday Hayden!! Thank you for always looking for ways to make us feel good when we're around you..... We are so lucky to have you in our family & we love you so much!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice....

A baby shower! My best friend, Stacey, asked me to make chocolate, vanilla and chocolate chip cupcakes for her cousin's baby shower. The baby to-be is a girl so it was fun to broadcast it with cupcakes. Congratulations to Catherine & Tommy!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Garden City Pediatrics Rocks!

My kids used to be afraid of going to see the doctor but thankfully that has passed and they are eager to go whether they are well or sick.
The staff at Garden City Pediatrics are all so friendly and most of them are the same familiar faces from the early days of bringing our children there as newborns. The doctors are easy to talk to and always make time for my questions and concerns.
We try to take time to thank people in our lives when it is proper to do so (like after we've recieved a gift) but it's so nice to show folks how much you appreciate all they do especially when what they do is so important and they don't expect a proper "Thank You."
Baking for someone who doesn't know it's coming is probably my favorite time to bake.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fresh Beat Band!

The songs from this series on Nickelodeon will stay in your head all day if you view an episode! My kids were crazy for this band and their catchy songs but have recently tuned into My Little Pony.
Lilly, a repeat customer, requested one dozen Fresh Beat Band chocolate chip cupcakes for her daughter, Isabella's 6th Birthday celebration. I used the colors from her invitation and the logo to make it all flow. Everything is edible, even the logo, thanks to edible paper that is tasteless so all you taste is cupcake yumminess. Happy 6th Birthday Isabella!!